Tuesday October 20th   7pm PST Vlatsy Senovsky – Dowsing

Tuesday October 20th   7pm PST Vlatsy Senovsky – Dowsing

2020 Clear Vision Fall Conference


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41st Annual CSQ Fall Conference Schedule


Tuesday October 20th   7pm pst Vlatsy Senovsky – Dowsing


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Vlasty Senovsky

Vlasty Senovsky came across dowsing for the first time in his native country of Czechoslovakia in 1976.
After coming to Canada in 1980 he went through a number of personal and professional metamorphosis finally establishing his career as a landscape designer and gardener. In a parallel direction he started developing his dormant dowsing abilities of detecting dangerous earth radiations.
Vlasty’s knowledge is based mainly on literature published in Europe. He continues studying extensively about geopathic and electromagnetic energies with their multiple ramifications. Gradually he became acquainted with the consequences caused by exposure to these energies both at mental and physical level. Vlasty is active as a writer, lecturer and consultant on the field of geopathic and electromagnetic energies. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Vlasty will speak about dowsing and demonstrate some of his unique techniques.
He concentrates on detecting, analyzing and harmonizing geopathic stress zones and their impact on human psyche and physical health.
He will make an effort to mention many aspects of dowsing and try to define the benefits and possible negative side effects – the spectrum of what it might offer to those interested in.