Walt Woods

Walt Woods

Walt Woods the master dowser who wrote “A Letter to Robin” to teach a young woman how to dowse has been the door way for many to learning how to use this powerful tool. I saw him at two Quester’s conferences and believe he taught at earlier conferences.
He had an easy gentle manner in the way he presented Beginner and Intermediate Dowsing. He would say dowsers are the most powerful people in the world in a way that rang true but for new students a challenge to their beliefs. He dared people to work with their pendulums, L-rods and willow sticks.
He would tell stories about his experiences intermixed with the protocols he used. He used dowsing to activate dormant genes. One of his most famous activations was of the vitamin C gene. He did that for everybody in his classes and in fact made the activation universal. He reasoned if most mammals could produce their own vitamin C and never experienced scurvy why should not humans be able to do the same? The operation took a few minutes with a pendulum and most people did not notice any change. To my knowledge nobody who attended his classes suffered scurvy…in fact I have heard very little about scurvy in any news broadcasts from anywhere in the world. Maybe Walt Woods cured that deficiency disease once and for all.
He was also working on age regression personally by shutting down the genes related to aging. At age 86 he looked like he was in his late 60s. He had a lot of vitality. He was planning on living to age 120. I do not think he made it to age 90 but he was doing his utmost on a daily dowse for himself and others. He died young.
One of the most interesting bits of knowledge he brought up was the electro-encephalogram testing done on him and other master dowsers. Experienced meditators are able to shift from waking state Beta brain wave activity to Alpha deep relaxation states. In sleep the brain initially operates in Delta frequency and in deep sleep it is in Theta where rapid eye movement occurs. Wired to the EEG Walt Woods was in all four frequencies at the same time while dowsing. The operator of the EEG was startled and looked at Walt. Walt asked him if there was a problem? The operator of the EEG said Walt should be unconscious. Other master dowsers had the same results.
I have thought about these strange EEG readings and now believe “dowsers are the most powerful people in the world.”