Water Dowsers Mastermind Teleconference

Water Dowsers Mastermind Teleconference

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Listen in for free on Jan 20 for
5 pm Pacific (8 pm Eastern)
I’ll be presenting: How to Dowse a Water Well (Part 2)
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ASD Water Dowsers Mastermind

Part 2
Anyone can listen in!
Call (605) 313-5145
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Hosted by Sharry Hope and Ed Stillman
    I am honoured to be the guest speaker on Jan 20 to share techniques and stories from dowsing hundreds of wells over the last 15 years.
    I will talk about on-site and remote dowsing to find location, depth, volume of wells and discuss stream diversion.  Time permitting we’ll discuss regulations, drilling techniques, well remediation and best business practices. 
   What you learn about dowsing for water can be applied to many situations!
   Let’s help our neighbors by learning how to dowse for water wells for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes.
I’ve written a series of books on dowsing, including
Water Wells – What a Dowser Needs to Know

I also have a lot of free instructional videos on my YouTube Channel and a lot of articles and audio clips on my media page.

Save the 2020 Conference Dates!

Find out more about dowsing and working with energy at any of these outstanding conferences!
TBA            Canadian Society of Dowsers
                    Ontario, Canada
TBA           Questers Spring Conference
                  Western Canada
TBA           Alien Cosmic Expo
TBA           Japanese Society of Dowsers
TBA           Atlantic Dowsers Society
March 21    BSD Spring Symposium
                   Worcester, UK
                   Peterborough ON, Canada 
                  Plymouth, NH, USA
July 3-7    West Coast Conference
                  Santa Cruz, California, USA
                   Toronto, ON, Canada
               Flagstaff, AZ, USA
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Susan Collins How to Find Water on VRLAND NEWS
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