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Website Training Session Basics 1 – 2. March 2018 – Canadian Society of Questers

Website Training Session Basics 1 – 2. March 2018

Thanks again for your interest and for showing up for the first basic Training/Info and Training Session.
In this session we outlined the following.

  • How to edit Pages
  • How to edit Blog/Posts
  • Dealing with Post Categories
  • Simple but effective rules for applying SEO rules to post and pages for better search engine results.
  • The relevance of “Tags”
  • and more

Here is a link to download the Video which was created of the session. (300 Mb) it works on all devices.
Depending on your internet connection this can take a few minutes.
Please don’t use the link to stream the video as it takes up to much resources on the server.

In order to download and save the video to your computer, please right click on the link and click “Save link as” (or similar depending on your browser) to save the file to your computer Training Session-2018-03-02-09.29am.mp4

Please feel free to share the link with others who also editing the Questers website.

Thank you for your support and for contributing to a more up to date and an even more informative Questers Website.

Please Download the Video Now as this page and the Video will be removed from the website on March 11th 2018.

Thank You

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