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Winter Solstice December 21 2018

Winter Solstice December 21 2018


                                            Picture of a Winter Solstice Spiral of Lights Labyrinth Walk

Winter Solstice arrives today, December 21 2018, in the Northern Hemisphere.  For our Ancestors, this was a time to gather to honor the Gods and to recognize the longest night, the balance to the longest day in June.  For the ancestors, the days around the winter solstice were about feasting, and talking, and drinking, and exchanging gifts to recognize the bounty that existed. 

It was also a time to be mindful of of honoring the the ancestral spirits, of honoring the Gods and Goddesses, and remembering the animals and feeding the birds and animals.  Bonfires of spruce and pine were lit and fed through the day into the night, and in the darkness, around the fire, everyone would gather to talk, sing, and drink away the night so that the next day, the night would not be so long.  And with this ritual, the nights became shorter.

Some families would gather in a circle to complete a “ringing of the bells” ceremony to ward off the dark spirits and to welcome in the friendly ancestral spirits to keep everyone safe until morning.  The bells provided a tinkling backdrop for songs and prayers.

Some ideas for your Solstice Celebration:

  • have a big bonfire and gather friends around it
  • have a potluck supper and time of sharing
  • build a short Spiral of Lights walk to walk with friends
  • take time to work at a soup kitchen to feed those less fortunate
  • host a meditation

Whatever you do, do it with grace and ease, and harm to none.

Enjoy Solstice.

Walk in peace.