World Water Day is March 22 2018

World Water Day is March 22 2018


A group called – Uplift, We Are One – is asking people all over the world to join them on World Water Day on March 22, 2018.

Here is their invitation.

Bless the Water on World Water Day

Join the Campaign to Protect the World’s Water
On World Water Day, March 22 gather at your local water source, or home, and place good intentions and prayers into the water. Let’s stand in solidarity with the world’s Water Protectors and take the first step towards  cleaning and restoring the world’s water.

Sign up to watch the free UPLIFT Film ‘The Voice of Water’ on March 22.
Water is finally being recognized as a living being. Around the world, from the Ganges in India, to the Whanganui River in New Zealand, many people are standing up for the rights of sacred bodies of water. Join us in an exploration of our intrinsic connection to water and how it affects our lives.

‘The Voice of Water’ features Nature Rights Advocate Hector Buitrago,
Polly Higgins, Grant Wilson, Dr Erin O’Donnell,
and more.

You can go to their website at: