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Christmas Peace

Christmas Peace

imageAs we move towards a new year, the news is full of different people and different groups asking for peace.  For peace to happen, everyone needs to be on board with the idea, and with the “rules” that come with peace.  It is difficult to be peaceful when you cannot feed and cloth your family, let alone keep a roof over their heads.  It is difficult to be peaceful when the cost of food and shelter rises.  And, if individuals are taking drugs or drinking, they feel anything but peaceful.

Peace is an individual feeling and practice.  It is difficult to make a rule or law about peace that suits everyone.  One reason that people seek out spirituality is, they say, to find peace.  An observation is that peace seems to spread by individuals, in proximity to another person, in a slow, peaceful way. Peace, therefore, is not a big fix that can be rolled out like a software upgrade.  It is a slow, zig-zag process.

When we have the opportunity to watch peace in action, we can appreciate the beauty of the movement.  We can see the results long after the first touch of peace enters the person or the area.  As we see the growth of peace, it does give us hope that we will all be in that energy some day.

Go in peace.