Entering a New Paradigm

The Canadian Society of Questers’ 2021 Fall Conference (Online)

Weekly talks from September 16th to October 28th 2021


Trent Deerhorn – Shaman of Many Traditions – October 28th @ 7pm PST

The many forms of Shamanism that I have had the honour of having passed down to me over the years are from many oral traditions around the world. As such, my presentation will consist of many teachings, based upon legends, stories, wisdoms gleaned from the Medicine Wheel, life experiences and more. This presentation will prove to be both educational and entertaining.

Trent Deerhorn descends from a line of mystics, healers and shamans and has worked in the field of Shamanism for over 30 years. He has received training throughout his life from many shamanic practitioners and offers services throughout Western Canada and long distance work worldwide. He is a writer and trainer and leads workshops on numerous shamanic principles and techniques including Spirit Animals, the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Journeying. He is a storyteller, public speaker, singer, songwriter, visionary artist, ceremonial leader and dreamwalker. Trent helps people to become a thriver, full of health and vitality, able to flow with life and truly be in the present moment, free of personal and mental clutter.


Jason Quitt – The Spaces In-between – October 16th @ 10am PST

We are led to believe that UFOs are from distant planets, traveling through space to visit Earth. But what if we have it all wrong? What if these ships are not traveling through space, but traveling through a portal system that is dimensional in nature with dimensional technology. What if there are many Earth plane realities that are just out of phase with our 3rd dimensional world. What if many of the what we would consider UFO’s and contact wasn’t coming from outer space, but coming from within the dimensions of Earth itself. Jason is going to explore these new areas by linking personal experiences, contact experiences, ancient mythology, and new scientific knowledge that are starting to put the puzzle pieces together.

Jason Quitt is the author of Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multidimensional time traveler and Egyptian postures of Power Qigong meditations. Jason is an international lecturer on consciousness, out of body experiences, Qi gong, UFO’s and is a regular guest personality on Gaia, Coast to Coast AM and Fade to Black.


Kirby Seid – Crystal Power & Wisdom – October 21st @ 7pm PST

Kirby Seid is a teacher with an emphasis on both metaphysical and healing applications. He is dedicated to building relationships between the crystal/mineral
kingdom and the evolution of human consciousness. For over 30 years, Kirby has traveled the world gathering crystals and artifacts. He lead crystal workshops and designs tools for healing and shamanic practices.

He is also director of Ancient Technologies; a business dedicated to the advancement of Resonant Light, combining natural quartz crystals with colored light to create profound transcendent states of awareness. He has developed the Light Labyrinth Project and Holotope in collaboration with artists from the San Francisco Exploratorium and engineers from Apple.

Kirby is passionate about combining modern and ancient technologies, the science and the sacred, and facilitating for others an experience of beauty, co-creation, and self discovery.



Maggie Reigh – Freedom from Pain & Struggle – September 23rd @ 7pm PST

Have you ever wished you could just drop the struggle and end the pain? It IS possible – and in doing so joy simply bubbles up and peace permeates the air. Join us and discover tools that work to release pain on all levels… physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. (They are all linked together!) We won’t just talk about them – we’ll practice them. We’ll even have fun learning these tools! Great relief flows from even small releases and renews hope, strength, and courage to create a world beyond suffering… aka Heaven on Earth!

B) Maggie Reigh isn’t who she thought she was! She thought she was a teacher, a mother, a grandmother, a hypnotherapist, a sound therapist, a writer, a speaker, an artist, a beginner drummer, and a rather hopeless gardener. Beyond all thought is where Maggie is expanding now… into the realm of discovery and miracles… into the uncensored flow of True Self… aka PLAY! Maggie has become incredibly good at playing with herself 🙂 and loves to invite others to play with her, unlocking the True Creative Spirit and releasing and dissolving pain, hurt, worry, and fear. The best way to get Maggie’s attention is to join her, “Wanna play?”


Merope Gervais – Advanced Dowsing – September 16th @ 7pm PST

I am looking forward to sharing my dowsing expertise and experience with you. I have been a Dowser since 1988 and in that time I have never stopped learning what this wonderful skill can do for myself and for you. I will concentrate on sharing some questions and ideas with you. Together we will explore and expand our minds. Stretching your thought process can be both scary and empowering. Let us push ourselves to the max and go on a voyage of discovery. This is not a beginner lesson but rather an exercise in learning to use our thinking process and becoming a creator of our life. This interactive dowsing experience will be challenging and fun. Bring your dowsing tools.

If you have any specific dowsing question, you would like to have addressed please contact me through my website.


Richard McIver – The Evolution of Consciousness – October 7th @ 7pm PST

With all the events happening around us, it could be said that there is chaos or flux in the state of affairs we find ourselves. This is an indicator that we are facing huge change, as chaos will eventually lead to new order in the affairs of man. Where does this come from? Where is it going? How can we participate and assist in the outcome? What is the Ascension some speak of? Can we influence it’s coming? How? This is some of what I expect to discuss.

When I was 12, and my age group was proceeding with confirmation in the church, I quit. I realized that things just don’t work the way they were preaching. I didn’t know what the truth was, just that it wasn’t that. During the teen years and early 20’s, a number of synchronicities occurred, that got me realizing someone or something was looking out for me. This set me on my path, searching for the truth.

Reading, taking courses and exploring philosophies such as Concept Therapy, Life Engineering, Eckankar, Summit Lighthouse and A Course in Miracles became my real motivation for putting up with what goes on around us. The operative phrase in our culture seems to be summed up by the bumper sticker that says, “He who has the most toys at death, wins!” It makes no sense to me.

Along the way, I finished a Bachelor of Commerce degree, only to find out I really disliked sitting in an office. Instead, I entered the power lineman trade and got my ticket to work outdoors in the power industry, as the way to cover my expenses.

Lately I’ve been delving into the real story of current events, in order to counter the line pandered by the bought-off, lame stream, propaganda media, that seems intent on supporting the destruction of our culture and freedoms and moving us to accept total enslavement to the elite, satanistic, psychopaths that want total power over the serfs that they want to make of us.

Mary Lou Johnson – New Paradigms – September 30th @ 7pm PST

Philosophical and theoretical frameworks change as humanity evolves. Where have we come from and where are we going? Together we will trace the changes that are defining our world and where we might be going next, based on personal experience and observations over the past 45 years.

Mary Lou Johnson was the founder and past president of the Canadian Holistic Nurses Assn. and has worked as a psychotherapist, meditation and life skills teacher. Her life has often placed her on the leading edge of change in the world.

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