2022 Fall Conference

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I N V I T E D   S P E A K E R S

Georgia Miller
Title of Talk:  “Quester Elder Talk Part 2”

Long time Quester member and Elder Georgia Miller will be offering part 2 of her story that she shared with Questers at our spring conference in Alberta a couple years ago. Her story will continue with the adventure of learning and curiosity that has marked her life as a Quester. She will be sharing all about the adventures she had attending a 10 day Medicine Wheel and how it changed how she looked at life.


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Jolie Bergen
Title of Talk:  “Plants and Their Many Uses”

Hello my name is Jolie Bergen and I will be sharing about plants and their many uses. I grew up in Croydon BC east of McBride and having no power or running water we learned from a young age to live off the land. Throughout my life I have spent countless hours outside appreciating and learning what our earth provides for free! We will be going on a little walk to identify some basic plants and trees and talk about some of their uses. our mother nature provides everything we need for free but unfortunately this hasn’t been common knowledge. This information has not been taught to us in our schools even though these are some of the most important skills to have to be able to take care of ourselves and our families. I will also be touching a bit on our Pineal gland and the power each one of us have but don’t know about because powers that be have hidden our true strengths from us. There is so much nutrition and medicinal uses that are at our fingertips and I’m excited to share with you all! I am new to Questers so I’m also really excited to learn from everyone else too!

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Herman Drescher
Title of Talk:  “Steward of the Land, Organic Hobby Farmer & Sharer of Knowledge”

Since retiring from his secular career in 2008, Herman has spent much of his time studying best practices for farming; an interest he has had a passion for much of his life. In the process he has gained much information that is vital to good health and he happily shares these research findings with others. He stresses the importance of good soil management as opposed to the harmful use of pesticides. He connects this with the gut and brain connection as described by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in her GAPS books “The Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and “The Gut and Physiology Syndrome”.

Herman is a member and promoter of:

The Weston A. Price Foundation

And Heritage Livestock Canada


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Lori Michon
Title of Talk:  “Benefits of Natural Herbal Medicine”

Check back soon for Lori’s profile.


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Trina Antoine
Title Of Talk:  “Record Keeper for the Splatsin People”

Waytkp xwexwyatp,

Re skwast Trina Antoine, tes Splatsin ka.

I have lived in Splatsin my entire adult life and have cared for my two male children till adulthood and beyond.

I have three grandchildren who I am trying to protect the culture of Splatsin by acquiring and maintaining the memories and records which shape the identity of Splatsin.

With no formal education, other than 2 years of Bachelor of Arts, and 2 years of Business Administration, I am grateful to be working full time in Title & Rights for the past 6 years and my title is, Cultural Liaison.

My main purpose is to assist and support staff for events, data processing, and to assist in providing information for cultural assessments and traditional use studies.

We do that by interviewing community members and other reliable sources to compile and organize the information to be used in further studied.

Liaise with other resources and organizations regarding protection as well as advocate for the culture and heritage of Splatsin.

Participate in outreach programs intended to educate community or society in general regarding Splatsin by giving Splatsin history and I have a passion for storytelling.

I attend workshops when budgets permit.

I work closely with community members, particularly elders and I report to Title & Rights Researcher.

Soon, I hope to plan cultural events that will get our people back to grassroots and us being on the land.

250 838 6496 ext. 804


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C O N F E R E N C E   R E G I S T R A T I O N

Registration Fee: $100
All attendees must be current CSQ members, usually we have a non-member fee but this is a transition conference as we get back to normal.   As you can see, we are keeping fees, including camping, as low as possible.
If possible, please bring a donation item for the raffle table.
On Sunday, September 18th at 1pm, we are asking all attendees who wish to do so, to offer to teach and exchange healing modalities that they practice.

Check back soon for the Registration Form (online version w/credit card payment & pdf version for mail-in cheques & money orders).

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M E A L   P A C K A G E

Fee: $50 Total
Meal packages include:
Sat. & Sun. – 2 breakfasts
Fri. & Sat. – 2 dinners/main course only e.g meat dish, fish. Please bring potluck i.e. appies, salad, veggies, dessert, etc.
Bring your own lunches.

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Fees:  $40 for 1 table or 2 tables for $60
Tables are large

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Riverside Hall & Community Centre
Address:  3784 Trinity Valley Road, Enderby, BC
This is a 4 acre campground next to the event venue
Non-hookup campers and tents only
Fee: $40 flat fee (for up to 4 days)
To reserve & pay:  See the conference registration form


Sleep Right Inn (Only available local motel. 10km away from venue)
Address:  606 King Ave, Enderby, BC
Telephone: (250) 838-9394
Fee: $120+tax/night
Note: You will need to contact the Inn directly to reserve & pay.

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M A P S   &   D I R E C T I O N S

Riverside Hall & Community Centre (venue & campgrounds)
3784 Trinity Valley Road, Enderby, BC
Google Map Link for Directions:  Click Here

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Sleep Right Inn
606 King Ave, Enderby, BC
Google Map Link for Directions: Click Here

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Enderby, BC to Riverside Hall & Community Centre
10.9 km / 10 minute drive
Google Map Link for Directions:  Click Here

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Members Conference Scholarship Application Form

Applications will be considered by the CSQ Scholarship Committee.
Scholarships pay for registration ($100) & meal package ($50).
Note: Meal packages include…
Sat. & Sun. – 2 breakfasts
Fri. & Sat. – 2 dinners/main course only e.g. meat dish, fish. Please bring potluck i.e. appies, salad, veggies, dessert, etc.
Bring your own lunches.
Two (2) scholarships will be awarded and only to current CSQ members.
If possible, please bring a donation item for the raffle table.
Check back soon for the application form.