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I N V I T E D   S P E A K E R S

Georgia Miller
Title of Talk:  “Quester Elder Talk Part 2”

Long time Quester member and Elder Georgia Miller will be offering part 2 of her story that she shared with Questers at our spring conference in Alberta a couple years ago. Her story will continue with the adventure of learning and curiosity that has marked her life as a Quester. She will be sharing all about the adventures she had attending a 10 day Medicine Wheel and how it changed how she looked at life.


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Jolie Bergen
Title of Talk:  “Plants and Their Many Uses”

Hello my name is Jolie Bergen and I will be sharing about plants and their many uses. I grew up in Croydon BC east of McBride and having no power or running water we learned from a young age to live off the land. Throughout my life I have spent countless hours outside appreciating and learning what our earth provides for free! We will be going on a little walk to identify some basic plants and trees and talk about some of their uses. our mother nature provides everything we need for free but unfortunately this hasn’t been common knowledge. This information has not been taught to us in our schools even though these are some of the most important skills to have to be able to take care of ourselves and our families. I will also be touching a bit on our Pineal gland and the power each one of us have but don’t know about because powers that be have hidden our true strengths from us. There is so much nutrition and medicinal uses that are at our fingertips and I’m excited to share with you all! I am new to Questers so I’m also really excited to learn from everyone else too!

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Herman Drescher
Title of Talk:  “You Are What Your Food Eats”

Since retiring from his secular career in 2008, Herman has spent much of his time studying best practices for farming; an interest he has had a passion for much of his life. In the process he has gained much information that is vital to good health and he happily shares these research findings with others. He stresses the importance of good soil management as opposed to the harmful use of pesticides. He connects this with the gut and brain connection as described by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in her GAPS books “The Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and “The Gut and Physiology Syndrome”.

Herman is a member and promoter of:

The Weston A. Price Foundation

And Heritage Livestock Canada


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Lori Michon
Title of Talk:  “Benefits of Natural Herbal Medicine”

Lori’s Cree name is Running Red Buffalo Medicine Women.  She has walked between the worlds for almost 68 years.  Lori has a unique education and training background, more specifically; she has a University degree in Human Behavioural Counselling and for 6 years she worked in palliative care; she is a Licensed Herbalist in Herbal Medicine from Dominion Herbal College, which is one of the oldest and biggest Colleges in Burnaby, BC; and she has indigenous Cree roots from the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan area and was taught natural & spiritual medicine and training by her Cree Ancestors, Uncles, Aunts, Grandmother and by  Medicine Men & Medicine Women.

Lori has extensive experience dealing with natural medicine and indigenous medicine which do have some cross overs, including Chinese medicine.  Lori is not just book smart, but she is street smart.  She received a lot of her training helping people that were very ill or dying.  Lori has helped people from going from death’s door to where they are living again.  At the same time of working with natural medicine, she is also a hands on healer, seer and can speak to a person’s inner spirit.  Lori can see into a person’s body and it looks almost like an MRI to her.   She can also see if the person has dark energy attached and clears it as this can cause body, mind and spirit issues as well.

Lori has had several death experiences in this lifetime, including one where she actually died on February 27, 2014 and got more then just messages while on the other side.  Her foster son, Chad who had died of cancer as a kid came to meet her.  [On his death bed while she held him in her arms, he had promised to give her a message if there was life after death].  While on the other side Chad touched her on the shoulder and said “Mom…leave it up to you to check it out for yourself!”.  He then showed her around and he said, “you are not done, there are people that need you”.  Lori then heard people crying and calling for her, and one was her living biological son Austin, and she could see he was reaching out to her and in tears screamed out, “COME BACK ALIVE”.  Simultaneously, Lori’s spirit slammed back into her body and a nurse said, “you died!”.  Lori found out later that Austin was on vacation in Jamaica at that exact same time of her death experience and he had been sleeping and thought it was just a bad dream he had of his mom dying.  His girlfriend recalled him screaming and yelling for his mom to come back.  Further proof that Lori’s experience was real, and she came back to not only help her family members but to help others.


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Trina Antoine
Title Of Talk:  “Record Keeper for the Splatsin People”

Waytkp xwexwyatp,

Re skwast Trina Antoine, tes Splatsin ka.

I have lived in Splatsin my entire adult life and have cared for my two male children till adulthood and beyond.

I have three grandchildren who I am trying to protect the culture of Splatsin by acquiring and maintaining the memories and records which shape the identity of Splatsin.

With no formal education, other than 2 years of Bachelor of Arts, and 2 years of Business Administration, I am grateful to be working full time in Title & Rights for the past 6 years and my title is, Cultural Liaison.

My main purpose is to assist and support staff for events, data processing, and to assist in providing information for cultural assessments and traditional use studies.

We do that by interviewing community members and other reliable sources to compile and organize the information to be used in further studied.

Liaise with other resources and organizations regarding protection as well as advocate for the culture and heritage of Splatsin.

Participate in outreach programs intended to educate community or society in general regarding Splatsin by giving Splatsin history and I have a passion for storytelling.

I attend workshops when budgets permit.

I work closely with community members, particularly elders and I report to Title & Rights Researcher.

Soon, I hope to plan cultural events that will get our people back to grassroots and us being on the land.

250 838 6496 ext. 804

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