2022 Events

C S Q   2 0 2 2   M O N T H L Y   O N L I N E   O P E N   F O R U M S


CSQ is hosting a monthly online Open Forum for CSQ members to gather and share ideas with each other on the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pmish PT (BC Time Zone).


The monthly online Open Forums sometimes have invited guest speaker(s) that provide a presentation that is related to the monthly topic.  The topic is based on consensus at the previous Open Forum, some of the recent themes have included:

  • Animal encounters of all kinds
  • Past lives, regressions, and ancestral connections, even soul group re-incarnations
  • UFOs & ET sightings & experiences
  • Dreams & dream time


The CSQ President emails out a reminder and the Zoom link to the monthly online Open Forum a few days prior to the event.


All CSQ members are welcome to attend and to participate with your ideas, your perspectives and your experience. We all learn by sharing; in fact, this is the basis of CSQ.


Our mission statement is: To preserve, practice and share dowsing and ancient wisdoms for the wellness of all. In these uncertain times of monumental transition for the human species, this statement of purpose implores us to retain what has value and to willfully share it with others for the empowerment and evolution of us all.


To participate in the CSQ Open Forum and receive the monthly email out with the Zoom link, please register to be a CSQ member and/or renew your annual membership if it has expired: (click here to do so now)

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Thursday, July 7th at 7pm PT:
We will be hosting our monthly open forum meeting for Questers to talk with other Questers about philosophies and metaphysics. This week our theme is dreams and dreamtime.

What is your experience with dreams and dreamtime? What is its relationship with daily life? Can we access the dream world with consciousness? What can we learn from it? Can we influence it? Can we interact with it? What do the Aboriginal Australians teach us about dream time? Can we receive messages, even extraterrestrial?

The 5th statement in the CSQ Code of Ethics describes how CSQ members “shall be prepared to disseminate her or her knowledge and skill, on request, to a person or persons whose motives are no less than those expressed in the society’s Code of Ethics and its Statement of Purpose”. This is what we are doing in these open forum meetings: sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences with each other. And it’s fun!


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