Christmas Greeting Susan Collins

Pressure makes diamonds Happy Holidays! We are edging closer to the end of this year and the return of longer days (in the Northern Hemisphere) starting with the Solstice on Dec 21. It hasn’t been easy to have been restricted for so long, but as my grandmother used to say “Pressure makes diamonds”. By now […]

Possible Implications of Disclosure

Possible Implications of Disclosure Mary Lou johnson   It would appear that public disclosure of Unidentified Aerial and Submersible Phenomenon is already underway—slowly and gently on mainstream media, and incrementally more in depth on Youtube and Gaia TV for those who are curious and ready for the news.  They are now no longer identified as […]

Questers Annual AGM on Zoom

Fellow Questers, Tonight we conclude the 2021 Canadian Questers Fall Conference with the  AGM, Thursday November 4th, at 7pm PT. AGM reports are available in the members section of Here is your link to join tonight’s meeting: Enjoy your day. Namaste, Jacquelyn Rose CSQ president

Trent Deerhorn Quester Conference Video and AGM link

Fellow Questers, Saskatchewan Shaman Trent Deerhorn mystified Questers with his journey into the practice of Shamanism last week. Trent does Shamanic energy work with people around the world, filling in the spaces between traditional forms of healing work. Perhaps many of us are Shamans in training. Here your replay link to expand your mind just […]

Trent Deerhorn Quester’s Zoom Fall Conference Speaker

  Fellow Questers, Entering a New Paradigm concludes tomorrow with Saskatchewan shaman Trent Deerhorn. Please join us if you choose by clicking on this link a little before 7pm PT on Thursday Oct 28th As a workshop leader, trainer and writer, Trent teaches shamanic principles including spirit animals, the medicine wheel, and shamanic journeying. He […]

Kirby Seid Questers Zoom Fall Conference Replay

  Fellow Questers, We had a fabulously informative evening with fall conference presenter  crystal expert Kirby Seid last night. Did you know that crystals have consciousness? That there are 7 octaves of crystal lattice structures? That crystals transmit and amplify the earth’s magnetic heartbeat? Have you ever seen Resonant Light refracting inside quartz? How about […]

Jason Quitt Conference Speaker October 16 2021

  Fellow Questers, Last Saturday we had a fantastic Entering a New Paradigm presentation with Jason Quitt, . He spoke extensively on the multidimensional nature of reality, providing many anchors in history to ground this information into our energetic bodies. What if there are doorways and portals into other dimensional experiences throughout our planet? […]

Zoom Conference October 16 2021 10:00 AM

Jason Quitt   Fellow Questers, This Saturday at 10 am PST you are invited to join the next presentation of the Canadian Society of Questers’ 2021 fall conference Entering a New Paradigm with interdimensional time traveler Jason Quitt. We are indeed Entering a New Paradigm on planet Earth at this time, as demonstrated by the […]

Questers Conference Zoom Link Richard McIver

  If you’re having trouble viewing this email, you can see it online. Fellow Questers, What a fascinating presentation on Conceptology, amoung other things, CSQ treasurer Richard Mciver treated us to last Thursday! Prepare to look at the world and your experiences of it very differently after digesting Richard’s talk. Anybody wanna change the world? […]

Links to Zoom Conference Recordings

Links to Merope Gervais and Maggie Reigh’s Zoom Recordings 2021 Fall Quester’s Conference   Apologies for any trouble accessing Merope’s replay link from Sept 16th. is a correct link and should take you directly there. We’re so grateful to Maggie Reigh who shared joy and a myriad of physical techniques with us last week […]

Zoom Online Quester’s Fall Conference

! The in person Fall Conference was cancelled; however, there is an on-line Conference schedule via zoom. Become a member! Enjoy the offerings!   There will be an AGM and elections for your opportunity to serve on the Board and give back to the organization you enjoy! This email has been sent out to the Salmon Arm […]

2021 CSQ Fall Conference On-Line

  Fellow Questers, Our Fall Conference begins in just a couple weeks, and we have some great presentations lined up for you. Can you do us a favour please? Take the poster off the website (under “conferences” tab )and send it to your friends. Put the poster onto Facebook and other social media platforms. Place […]

Dowsers Can Generate Water From Rock

Dowsing Considerations Regarding Earth Generated Water   In the July-August 2021 NEXUS New Times Magazine (Volume 28 Number 4) out of Australia pp 27 to 35 the author Robert Gourley overturns the idea deep underground reservoirs of water are relics of the last ice age. He concludes the water is generated from the rocks themselves. […]