John Cotton

John Cotton John Cotton was one of the dowsers who helped bring about the formation of Questers. He was an English Gentleman with a capital “G”. He was a sailor who had many maritime adventures. He sailed Cape Horn in unsafe boat and lived to tell the tale. Yesterday I talked to a retired CBC […]

Dowsing with a Bobber by Susan Collins

Dowsing with a Bobber by Susan Collins 4:44 minutes Jacqui Rose has received permission from Susan Collins to post dowsing training videos on the Canadian Society of Questers website. This has been an on-going theme initiated by Jacqui to get back to the roots of the Questers. Promoting dowsing has been a big part […]

Book Review: Hidden Energy

Book Review: Hidden Energy by Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich I first met Jeane Manning in 2006 when she visited William Baumgartner. She was writing a book on Breakthrough Technologies and she had just come from northern Idaho where she had attended a convention hosted by John Bedini on over unity inventions. I later bought […]

Susan Collins

Susan Collins       “Dowser of the Year 2006“   Susan Collins has presented to The Canadian Society of Questers four times over the past fifteen years. Most recently she was at the Questers Spring Conference in Red Deer Alberta in May 2019. Her presentation covered everything she has done and was so intense it […]

Susan Collins presentation

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Sorry for the duplicate email, ZS I present on Nov 14 (not 15) Listen to the ongoing    Success with Soul Summit     (You can hear a replay for 72 hours)   Success with Soul Summit “Feed your soul, shine your magnificence, and invite money to be […]

Evelyn Rattray

Evelyn Rattray   I first heard of Evelyn Rattray in 2003 at Raymon Grace’s dowsing school at the Hansen property on Swan Lake in Vernon BC. Raymon and Evelyn had worked together on First Nation’s reserves across Canada to break through the multigenerational trauma caused by the residential school system. Through dowsing Raymon would identify […]

Conversation with Mark Siermaczeski

Mark Siermaczeski is the cartoonist who attended many Quester’s conferences   Mark, I have watched a number of Florida Marquis videos especially the US Navy collisions a few years back. The grid pattern he has shown is new to me. I have worked out other grids related to the British Colonial Empire and French Empire. […]