Communication With Nonhuman Intelligences

Communication With Nonhuman Intelligences

By David Skelhon

It’s impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Right now my gut tells me about a third of it is on the counter and if we collectively squeeze hard enough maybe we will extrude another third. The last bit, as we all know, takes dexterity and perseverance and there comes a point where it isn’t worth the effort.

So, as I look at the messy first third laying snake like on the counter, I can’t believe it has taken 80 years to get this far. But then, we are contending with dark interests determined to keep the cap securely on. I am, of course, talking about the UFO/UAP phenomena.

When I was seventeen I experienced a UFO close up. The experience left me frightened and perplexed, as what I saw made no sense and I couldn’t figure out whether it was “one of ours,” or “one of theirs.” I never told anyone for years, as I knew I would not be believed or worse. Looking back it is becoming clear that “the lack of belief” has been engineered into society by dark actors who wish to keep this knowledge to themselves. Thus witnesses have endured decades of ridicule and questions surrounding their mental health.

I have also noticed an apparent lack of curiosity amongst family and friends – even now when the paste is now squirting from the tube. I don’t actually believe that indifference to the idea that we are not alone and there is non human intelligence around us right now, is part of our base state. Humans are naturally curious animals and this curiosity has propelled us rapidly over the last few hundred years to get us into space. I can only conclude that careful psychological programming has dumbed most of us down, and left us fighting over political minutia rather than uniting in the quest to discover who we really are and why we here on Earth.

We have been programmed to defer to figures of authority, whether in government or the media. Until recently many would not believe in the existence of non-human intelligence unless it came from a prime minister or president standing at a podium surrounded by cameras and microphones. Much has changed in the last few years; we now know governments lie all the time to protect both themselves and powerful special interest groups. Politicians and journalists are, in general, scientifically illiterate – you only have to look at the COVID fiasco to understand that. And then there are some experts, who should know better, but are easily persuaded to look the other way to protect their next pay check or worse.

Thankfully we can still find some salvation in books or on the internet. Anyone who takes a deep dive and descends with an open mind and a modicum of critical thinking, will find themselves confronting a wonderful reef, exploding with mind boggling colour and life. Of course, if you stray over the edge, you enter the murky depths where hungry serpents and monsters lurk, waiting to feast on your fear.

When Christopher Columbus set off from Spain in 1498 he didn’t know what was ahead of him, other than perilous adventure. No doubt he had he was encouraged by fragments of ancient maps and whispered legends. That’s where we are today except that we don’t need boats for our journey, as at this point it can be largely internal. We need to gather fragments and dive deep into our consciousness and explore. At some point, humanity may well build machines to explore these new dimensions (we may already have), but most of us do not have the resources to make that happen.

My final point is we don’t have to wait for official disclosure because it may never truly happen. If we use the tools at our disposal, we may even leap ahead of those working in secret underground bunkers. It will require courage, as the path ahead may be be taking us into the realm of dragons, but some of us can already see that it is time for humanity to move forward, and leave behind a period of spiritual stagnation and chronic materialism.

I will leave you with a couple of books on this topic which I have recently enjoyed – both are easy reads and dive into the spiritual realities of the UFO phenomenon.

Encounters: Experiences With Nonhuman Intelligences, by Diana Walsh Pasulka

UFO of God: The Extraordinary True Story of Chris Bledsoe, by Chris Bledsoe



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