Raymon Grace Newsletter

Raymon Grace sends out Quarterly Newsletters. You too can subscribe.   On Thu, May 25, 2023 at 7:14 AM Raymon Grace Foundation <[email protected]> wrote:   A Note From Raymon Howdy Folks, Am continually looking for useful information to share with you and some of this information comes from friends and their successes. My friend Warren […]

John Living has passed away

Questers,   John Living an Honorary Lifetime Member of Questers has passed away. He also established the Holistic Intuition Society which twenty years ago amalgamated with the Canadian Society of Questers. He was 90 and living in an assisted living facility in the Lower Mainland. Kaye Jansen a longtime friend just sent me this information […]

William Baumgartner

William Baumgartner came to Questers in 2004-5 paying room rental for Ian Lungold’s Mayan Callendar presentation at the Prestige Hotel in Salmon Arm. He also taught us in his own home in Gleneden about Viktor Schauberger’s discoveries and Walter Russell’s visions. Baumgartner revealed many secrets. He had worked on advanced projects in America. He knew […]

Tartaria or Atlantis?

There has been a number of reports of ancient structures being repurposed by modern builders. One report is that stone structures already existed in San Francisco when the American westward migration started. Now megalithic stone structures are being redated before the flood. One of the authors who spoke to this is Graham Hancock who spoke […]

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Susan Collins Dowsing Books on Kindle

Workshop rental discount codes expiring Happy Spring! I have FINALLY started putting my books on Kindle The first tiltle is Dowsing That Works Use a Protocol to Get Results I share my Dowsing Protocol, reveal how to use dowsing tools and charts to increase your accuracy, improve your health and create successful ongoing outcomes. A special chapter on Dowsing and the Bible lists […]

Possible Implications of Disclosure

Possible Implications of Disclosure Mary Lou johnson   It would appear that public disclosure of Unidentified Aerial and Submersible Phenomenon is already underway—slowly and gently on mainstream media, and incrementally more in depth on Youtube and Gaia TV for those who are curious and ready for the news.  They are now no longer identified as […]

Zoom Online Quester’s Fall Conference

! The in person Fall Conference was cancelled; however, there is an on-line Conference schedule via zoom. Become a member! Enjoy the offerings!   There will be an AGM and elections for your opportunity to serve on the Board and give back to the organization you enjoy! This email has been sent out to the Salmon Arm […]

Fall Conference Entering A New Paradigm

The Canadian Society of Questers Presents Entering of a New Paradigm   The Canadian Society of Questers’ 2021 Fall Conference Weekly Talks from September 16 to October 28 2021 on Zoom   Trent Deerhorn-Shaman of Many Traditions www.trentdeerhornshamanic.com   Grant Cameron-UFO updates & the Paranormal www.presidentialufo.com   Kirby Seid- Crystal Power & Wisdom www.crystalskulls.com   […]

Dowsing Boot Camps with Susan Collins

CSD, ORI, ASD event dates and links Lots of dowsing ahead! There’s a lot coming up – most of it virtual, some of it “members only”, some of it on a donation basis. See what works for you. Bonus: Dowse Your Immune System Pdf See if you can strengthen your immune system with dowsing Dowsing […]

Dowsing: Asking The Questions

Dowsing: Asking the Questions Seeking answers a dowser has to ask the questions which probe into ways of thinking rarely considered. One question, “Is the earth alive?” The answer is always “YES”. Of course there are billions of people, animals and plants but is there one overall being? That answer comes up “YES” as well. […]