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Welcome to The Canadian Society of Questers (CSQ)

CSQ is a vibrant community that preserves, practices and shares dowsing and other ancient wisdom for the wellness of all.

We believe that each individual is on a “quest” for personal harmony with themselves, other people, and the complete universe around us. We feel enlightenment is gained through investigating what is often considered mysterious and paranormal. We practice the ancient art of dowsing or divining to initiate contact with the energies and knowledge that are us, pervade us, and make us an integral part of the universe.


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Donation Total: $10.00

Introduction to the Canadian Society of Questers

To see more about Questers, check out the videos (Click here).


Membership is open to anyone who has an inquiring mind, will share their growth experiences, and is willing to hear and investigate the experiences of others.


The CSQ chapters hold regular monthly meetings, which are open to members and interested guests (see upcoming events for each chapter). Each chapter has a part of the CSQ library,  which is lent out to members. The range of book titles is as varied as the topics we address.


As a member, you will receive quarterly a copy of our Journal, “The Quester”. It’s packed with information and articles by knowledgeable questers, relating to a variety of subjects. We hope it will inform and tease your interest in new areas. DVDs are available for sale and cover all past issues.

Spring Conference

A three day conference is held each year in the Spring. Hear presentations by well-known Questers and special guests, and more intensely participate in exercises to learn their techniques.

Spring Conference in Red Deer Alberta May 3, 4, & 5 2019

Watch for updates on the Conference Page

Fall Conference

The Fall conference provides another round of great guest speakers and Questers. A three day conference is held each year in the fall with exhibitors, workshops, and learning.

CDs and DVDs are available for sale covering some past speakers……..



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Purchase DVD’s from Past Conference Speakers

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General Disclaimer: The opinions and views of individuals and presenters belong to them and are not presumed to be the positions of the Society. Each of us has the freedom and ability to self-determine our own views and perspectives. The Society offers information and testimonies to expand and to empower our personal quests for knowledge.