The Canadian Society of Questers presently has chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, New Westminster, Okanagan – Central, Okanagan – North, Qualicum,  Vancouver and smaller groups in 100 Mile House, BC . Members are located all throughout Western Canada and the world.

Meeting content varies from full-length presentations to practical evenings, with the norm being a partial presentation, followed by practical hands-on instruction in dowsing or on the subject being discussed.

Popular Topics

The following list of topics is but a small sample of the range of interest:

  • locate underground water, oil, minerals
  • find lost articles, missing persons
  • locate archaeological sites
  • locate geopathic zones and radiation
  • test foods for purity, quality, and nutritional value
  • choose the most suitable soil for plants
  • dowse our auras and health
  • find items remotely, or by using a map

To Set up a Chapter in a New Area


  • There must be 6 members to start a chapter
  • There needs to be a chairman and a secretary/treasurer
  • Send in an annual report

Meeting details are totally up to the chapter so they decided where and when to meet, how meetings are conducted, setting fees for members and nonmembers to attend, topics, speakers, etc.  CSQ offers a $50 to cover admin costs involved in getting the chapter started.

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