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 A Note From Raymon Howdy Folks
Some people make things happen. Some watch things happen and some wonder what happened. Here is a story of a fiend who made something happen.
This man was in class and it was obvious he came to learn. He sent this email to me before daylight on April 2nd. 
He didn’t call and ask me what to do nor did he ask me to do it for him. HE DID IT ALONE AND HE PREPARED AHEAD OF TIME.~~~~~~~~Good Morning Raymon,
After hearing your stories about using a double bladed axe to protect yourself from threatening weather I dug around in my tool shed and pulled out my double bladed axe and put it on the shelf near my back door.
This morning my whole family woke to the sound of the tornado sirens and weather warnings on our phones going off, all saying there was a tornado spotted in our area.
Once all the family were downstairs I went and grabbed my axe and did what you said, I told my spirit guides and the spirit of the storm that I would like to split the storm.I then stuck the axe into my front yard.
The results were incredible, calm within minutes! Even though it was dark I could see low fast moving clouds with clear sky’s behind them.
Almost not a breath of wind at my property during a tornado warning.Incredible!
I told my family the storm was over and everyone is now asleep again.
Thought you might like to know.
Regards Frankie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please note, Frankie didn’t call me and ask if he could do this. He didn’t ask what brand of axe to use, he didn’t ask if he needed permission to stop the tornado or what his neighbors might think of him if they saw him putting an axe in the ground. HE JUST DID IT.
 A few years ago a BIG hurricane was moving up the East coast and destroying a lot of buildings. It was headed directly to my friend’s farm in PA. 
I had told him how to ‘split the clouds’ with an axe. He followed directions and got a ‘double bit’ axe [one that has 2 sharp blades]. He put one blade in the ground and the other blade was pointed toward the storm. 
 The storm split and went around his farm on both sides but did no damage to his buildings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shared this information with a farmer friend in Nebraska who used it to prevent a hail storm from destroying his crops.
Weather forecast warned of a big hail storm approaching and heavy rain was already falling. Joe didn’t want to go out in the rain so he put an IMAGINARY axe in the ground at this property line and the hail storm split and went around his farm. No damage and his crops got a good rain.~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
My friend Jeff’s wife was in China and she and her family were going somewhere and heavy rain was forecast. She called Jeff and asked what to do. Since they didn’t have an axe, he told her to put chopsticks in the ground. It worked, but when they pulled the chopsticks out of the ground as they were leaving, the rain started again.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A friend from Florida contacted be about a hurricane that was approaching and she had reason to believe her apartment would be flooded as it was in a high risk flood zone.I mentally built a stone ’sea wall’ around her apartment and there was NO flooding. 
These stories have been in previous newsletters but since we constantly get new people, it seemed reasonable to mention them again. 
Einstein supposedly said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’  If he didn’t say it, he should have. 
Please note~~I write simple, blunt and to the point. It is not necessary to write and ask any questions about this.JUST DO IT.
My standard answer when someone writes to ask if they can do something is~~~TRY AND FIND OUT. Its the only way you will ever know,
RaymonRaymon’s Website A Note From April Hello Friends,
To tack on the the above… I wanted to share my own experiences with attempting to alter the weather. While we usually assume that the weather is one thing we can’t control I have seen first hand how it can be swayed.
They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day but I certainly didn’t see it that way as we had an outdoor ceremony by the river. We knew the rain was coming and Raymon did the ax trick as he mentioned above and it rained all around the wedding spot and field that we were in ….but not on us.
Another time was when I was hosting my parents 50th wedding anniversary party… which was outdoors. I had rented tables and chairs and worked hard on setting it up when lo and behold the wether man said it was certainly going to rain. I didn’t use an ax but I did imagine a clear dome over our house/neighborhood and guess what… it didn’t rain!
While I don’t think messing with the weather is something we should abuse I do think there are times that justify giving the weather a nudge.
April GraceDirector of Communications,Raymon Grace Foundation
Raymon Grace FoundationClass ScheduleJune 15-16 – Abingdon, VAJuly 20-21 – Abingdon, VAAugust 17-18 – Abingdon, VA- Almost FullSeptember 28-29 – Fairfield PA – FULLOctober 19-20 – Abingdon, VAComments From Our Friends Around The WorldDear Mr. Raymon, I attended your October 14th & 15th, 2023 class and enjoyed it very much.  
Last year, my son was struggling in his 1st grade class. Though the school was rated the very “best” in the county, the energy around it felt very dark and sad to me. Sensitive to this environment, he couldn’t sit still or pay attention.  He was unhappy. His teachers and peers were very harsh with him, telling him he was annoying and making him feel unwanted. He repeatedly expressed a desire to die and I was worried he’d attempt to commit suicide at 7 years old.  
We switched him to a different school this fall for 2nd grade. Shortly after that, I discovered you, your methods and subscribed to your Energy Sessions Monthly. I wanted you to know that he has been thriving since then. The situation has made a complete and total 180 degree change. His teacher adores him and supports him in every way. He’s been put into the gifted program and has even made a couple of friends. He’s so much happier and I no longer live in fear of my child trying to end his life.  
I’d tried to thank you in person after class, but became too emotional, overcome with gratitude. I appreciate the work you do and I am grateful you are spreading this knowledge with others, so they can also make such positive changes in their lives & communities. Most sincerely, R-
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