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Raymon Grace sends out Quarterly Newsletters. You too can subscribe.   On Thu, May 25, 2023 at 7:14 AM Raymon Grace Foundation <[email protected]> wrote:   A Note From Raymon Howdy Folks, Am continually looking for useful information to share with you and some of this information comes from friends and their successes. My friend Warren […]

Today Susan Collins Dowsing Day

  Get some dowsing tips! Join us on the International Dowsing Day Facebook page on May 7 for some practical dowsing tips. Details below. Virtual hugs, Susan Online Events (details below) May 7International Dowsing Day June 3/4Water Masterclass: Everything Has Consciousness June 14House Healing – Dowsing for Feng Shui & Space Clearing Bonus video: The […]

Susan Collins Bargain Basement

From: Susan Collins Personal Management Consultant Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 7:50 AM To: [email protected] Subject: Basement Bargains Workshop rentals ending, more books on Amazon Ready for the Season? Basement Bargains Order books from my website for 25-50% off while supplies last Workshop Rentals Ending ALL my workshops are available to rent on Vimeo, and […]

Susan Collins Dowsing Books on Kindle

25 – 33% off Books and Boot Camp in May Things are evolving! June 11 Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing Register with the ASD National Convention 25 – 33% off all print books(Kindle and Amazon excluded) 25% off Dowsing Boot Camp Rental Workshop in May! See below for the free replay of the International […]

International Dowsing Day

Subject: International Dowsing Day To: Heather Wilks <> Jacqui will be representing The Canadian Society of Questers on this Zoom meeting. Greetings, Your hosts: Grahame Gardner and Susan Collins   www.InternationalDowsers.org International Dowsing Day 2022 is scheduled for Sunday 8 May at 8 pm UK time. That is 5 am Monday in Melbourne, all of AEST, […]

Dowsers Can Generate Water From Rock

Dowsing Considerations Regarding Earth Generated Water   In the July-August 2021 NEXUS New Times Magazine (Volume 28 Number 4) out of Australia pp 27 to 35 the author Robert Gourley overturns the idea deep underground reservoirs of water are relics of the last ice age. He concludes the water is generated from the rocks themselves. […]

Susan Collins Geopathic Stress

Fix Geopathic Stress on Aug 22 How is your stress? Geopathic Stress (literally “Earth Suffering“) can create personal and professional problems. Dowsing can hep identify the sources of Geopathic Stress and find remedies to reduce or eliminate the impacts. Details and video below. See below for a bonus video on Geopathic Stress and the Dowsing […]

Expanding The Framework of Dowsing

Expanding The Framework of Dowsing   Too often dowsers are unable to ask the correct question to get an answer. Master Dowsers can get answers in some sort of larger framework they know intuitively. Master Dowsers can reach to the stars and get their questions answered. We have all heard that the speed of thought […]

Susan Collins Summer Schedule

July 11: Orbs, Ghosts and Aliens Dowse outside! It’s a good time to dowse outside and reconnect with the natural energies of our planet. (Remember to protect yourself against insects and let someone know where you are going.) Here’s what’s coming up in the virtual world June 27: Dowsing Boot Camp July 11 Orbs, Ghosts […]

Susan Collins American Society of Dowsers (ASD)

Convention info It is convention time! The June 9-13th American Society of Dowsers Convention is virtual which means you can join from anywhere! Here’s a sneak peak at my presentations, Develop Your Psychic Ability, inlcuded with convention registration and the Get Healthy with Dowsing half day workshop (US$39 for members, US$49 for nonmembers,) Click on […]