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As you know, I use the quote, ‘Energy Follows Thought’ quite often. This month am sending you two videos of how it works.
Honey bees have a lot of intelligence and can transform pollen from flowers, and tree blooms into honey. 
In the Spring of the year they reproduce fast and create a special cell in the bee hive for their future queen bee. The queen bee is much larger than the other bees. After the queen emerges from her cell, she will leave the hive and a few thousand bees will follow her. This is called a bee swarm. 
They all fly around in the air until the queen lands on a tree limb. or fence post or most anything else. In this video the queen and her ’swarm’ chose a locust tree. When the bees swarm on a small tree limb, it is usually easy to cut the limb and hold it over a bee hive, shaking the bees off into the hive. In this case, the bees chose the side of the tree a few feet above the ground. I set a box at the bottom of the tree, then send an empty bee hive on top of the box.
Then I ’talked to the bees’ and IMAGINED them crawling down the tree into the bee hive. Also used my hands in a motion to direct the bees into the hive.
 They followed directions well as you can see.(click to view videos)
Bee Video 1Bee Video 2 Now, before you start sending me emails asking~~~Can I do this so my cat will stop scratching the couch? Can I stop my dog from jumping on people? Can I get my kids to listen to me? And hundreds of other questions, will give you my standard answer NOW. ~~~TRY IT AND FIND OUT.
The Dowsing Societies seem to have a law that says~~” You can’t do anything without permissions “  I HAVE NEVER BELIEVED THIS.
I did not ask the bees if I could give them directions to go into their new home.
I have never asked permission of an abusive person to prevent them from harming someone. 
I never asked permission of the teachers or principle to clean up a school.
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We’re just an hour into the interview and about to go to bed, but I really want to drop you a line to say THANK YOU! Our water where we live in New Zealand comes from springs but we know it is/was acidic (most is in NZ) and although filtered etc, we have/had chromium in it (maybe from the concrete holding tank being affected by the low pH of the water).  Since watching the replay with Raymon’s transformation it tastes just great and I’ve drunk 3 glasses as I could feel my body really wanted more :-). Normally I only drink warm water as I find drinking cold water makes me feel cold…however, I’ve enjoyed drinking it cold and it hasn’t cooled me down at all. Wow! Also, feel uplifted from the transformation of body water. Really big Thanks!-Stephanie C.I am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY?Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS