Generally speaking, dowsing is the ability to use the mind and specific tools in obtaining information.

Biological behavior, i.e. the unconscious movement of the hand, can be controlled by “invisible energy forces” which include the mind. It is believed the mind is capable of knowing or obtaining information that we otherwise are not consciously aware of.

Tools include Pendulums, ‘L’ and ‘Y’ rods, Bobbers, and tokens as used in reading Runes, accessing the ‘I Ching’, and understanding the Tarot.


A pendulum is anything you can hang on a string or chain. They can be any size, from a paper clip on a thread to a 4 oz ball bearing on a chain. The longer the chain and the heavier the object, the slower the response. It can be made of anything you like, from metals to wood, to crystals or glass and plastic. Pendulums are easy to use for answers like yes and no, to swing up and down or sideways, or to go in clockwise or counterclockwise circles. Also, charts are used to obtain percentages and lines for divisions for more specific results.


An L-rod is made in the shape of an angle, with or without a sleeve with which to hold. The top or long part of the rod can be from 4 inches to 20 inches, and the handle part is the size of your hand to grip. The material is typically metal, like a coat hanger, or a welding rod, or copper. L-rods are most often used in locating the target (water, a lost object, etc) by walking over the area in question and observing the swing of the rods, together or apart, towards a target or energy zone.


is traditionally in the shape of a forked stick and looks like the letter Y. They can be any size from 12 inches to 24″ in length and can be made of wood, metal or plastic. They are held by both hands in such a way as to keep it in equilibrium, but the slightest “feeling” will make it move and point up or down. It works very well when walking over rough ground and in fairly strong winds.


A bobber is a flexible rod, branch or wire with a handle and sometimes have a coiled section for finer movement. They are usually 8 inches to 24″ long and can have a round Styrofoam ball at the tip for protection. The diameter is smaller than a coat hanger but large enough to support itself. Bobbers are very easy to use, as is the pendulum, but larger to carry.

Dowsing Charts

Uunique online software for designing and creating professional dowsing charts in real time. This software allows dowsers to:

1. Select from a range of chart styles
2. Name their chart
3. Choose the number of segments required
4. Name each individual segment
5. Change to chart style and font size
6. Even select from US letter and UK A4 paper sizes
7. Download onto their computer and save as a pdf document
8. Print the chart whenever it is needed for personal use
9 Affiliate to generate additional income for their organisation or dowsing group

The uses are only limited to the imagination.  The following are some basic uses:

  • locate underground water, oil or minerals, etc.
  • find lost articles, missing persons
  • locate archaeological sites
  • locate geopathic zones, ley lines and radiations
  • locate the flow of energy through a building, clearing imbalances as you find them
  • test foods for purity, quality and nutritional value
  • check on auras and health
  • find items remotely, or by using a map
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