This year the Fall Conference is free to all Members and is being held online.

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For over 40 years, Questers has sponsored annual 3 day conferences with exhibitors, workshops and presenters. Consider attending as a guest or member to mix and mingle with like minded people on personal quests to empower themselves with experience and knowledge.

Questers’ annual Fall Conference will be streamed virtually this fall over a series of zoom presentations and offered free to all members. Join now to receive your invitation and links to each session! Hear from Hon. Paul Hellyer, renowned Solomon channeller Stephanie Banks, New Energy author and lecturer Jeanne Manning, dowsing experts and more.


2020 Clear Vision

41st Annual CSQ Fall Conference Schedule

Saturday September 19th 10am pst Hon. Paul Hellyer – Broader Reality

Tuesday September 29th   7pm pst Sahara Exodus – Dream a Better World

Tuesday October 6th   7pm pst Greg Webb – Muscle Monitoring

Tuesday October 13th   7pm pst Stephanie Banks – Times Are Changing

Tuesday October 20th   7pm pst Vlatsy Senovsky – Dowsing

Tuesday October 27th   7pm pst Questers Open Forum for Future Direction

Tuesday November 3rd   7pm pst Jeane Manning – New Energy

Saturday November 7th 10am pst Christopher Tims – The Tipping Point

All members will be emailed a unique pass code for each talk from 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat. Our president Jacquelyn Rose will host each presentation. She will field questions to the speaker periodically throughout their presentations. All presentations will be recorded and a replay link will be emailed to members. 

Anyone with an inquiring mind and tolerance for differing perspectives is welcome to join the Canadian Society of Questers. This years’ online fall conference is free for all members. 

The Questers Open Forum is an opportunity for members to speak, to share ideas and opinions that will help further the objectives of the Society.

The Canadian Society of Questers is a vibrant global society that preserves, practices and shares dowsing and ancient wisdoms for the wellness of all. 


General Disclaimer About Presenters: The opinions and views of individuals and presenters at the Conferences and at any Chapter meeting belong to the presenter and are not presumed to be the positions of the Society. Each of us has the freedom and ability to self-determine our own views and perspectives. The Society offers information and testimonies to expand and to empower our personal quests for knowledge.