For over 40 years, Questers has sponsored annual 3 day conferences with exhibitors, workshops and presenters. Consider attending as a guest or member to mix and mingle with like minded people on personal quests to empower themselves with experience and knowledge.

Questers’ annual Fall Conference will be streamed virtually this fall over a series of zoom presentations and offered free to all members. Join now to receive your invitation and links to each session! Hear from Hon. Paul Hellyer, renowned Solomon channeller Stephanie Banks, New Energy author and lecturer Jeanne Manning, dowsing experts and more.

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Special Announcement

On Tuesday, August 4th @ 7pm please join Quantum Sound Essence innovator Evelyn Mulders for our first zoom presentation! Evelyn creates a symphony of healing vibration and tucks it into a bottle. An international speaker, manufacturer, and founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada, Evelyn creates essence vibrational remedies for body, mind and soul. She has been a supporter of Questers for many years. A link to Tuesday’s presentation will be sent to all members.



Sacred Geometry in the Auric Field

Sacred Geometry is a way light information is filtered through our energy body offering vibrational healing, spiritual support and consciousness shift.

Light information is received by the auric field bands through pictures of shape; Sacred Geometry.

The study of Sacred Geometry is comprehensive, but fascinating as one starts to connect the dots. The insights gained by awareness of the sacred geometry symbols offer deep connection with our spiritual self. All the universal geometries shaping our existence are reflected in our energy field at all times. Every shape offered by the universe creates an impression on the auric field, representing the hologram; every part being a part of the whole.

To separate and individualize the various geometric patterns may appear rudimentary, however, it offers a stage for grasping the grand staging of numbers and shapes in nature.

Tuesday, August 4
7:00 pm PST
By Zoom


Join Evelyn Mulders for a 1 hour presentation on Numbers and Sacred Geometry and their relationship with the seven bands of the Auric Field.

Hope to see you on zoom!

Blessings, Evelyn