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 A NOTE FROM APRILHello Friends,Yet again it has been busy …. hence this March newsletter coming out in April. Exciting news… we do have two more class dates available now. Please see the class calendar below. Make sure you are emailing me for information and registration. Please do not just send a deposit check without communicating with me prior.
This month’s newsletter includes Raymon’s dowsing “uses and excuses” which is very long so it will be broken into two parts… we try to keep these on the shorter side because we know people are busy. Below is Part 1.
Have a great day!April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace FoundationRaymon’s WebsiteA NOTE FROM RAYMON
HOWDY FOLKS,This is the season in the top half of the world when a lot of people are affected by allergies. I had been affected most of my life with a runny nose and sneezing. Here is how I eliminated the allergies I had and hope it will work for you.DON’T EVER REFER TO “MY” ALLERGIES BECAUSE YOU ARE CLAIMING OWNERSHIP TO THEM.Every hour I would mentally repeat.  I DE~SENSITIZE THE MUCOUS MEMBRANES OF MY BODY TO ALL ALLERGENS AND IRRITANTSI did this for 3 days and I still do it a few times every Spring. Works well. ——————Dowsing – Uses & ExcusesPT. 1There is a statement I use to open many of my talks with dowsers: ”I have some good news and some bad news. There is a group of people who are among the most powerful on earth. The good news is, it is YOU, the dowsers.  The bad news is that many of you don’t realize it.” The reason may be based upon a saying I’ve also used for many years: “People have given their souls to the priest and the preachers,Their health to the doctors,Their money to their bankers, Their children to the school system.In so doing, they have lost power over their own lives.”Some of my experiences, thoughts and comments follow.While being polite is certainly a trait to be admired, giving one’s power away to someone who may have less knowledge and integrity than you, is just not smart. I have chosen to address these issues because of the many comments I’ve received from good people over the years. There are  many good and capable people in the dowsing community who don’t use their abilities because of doubting themselves or for fear someone else may disagree with them. For example, a group of good people asked me to help them improve the quality of life in the schools their children attended. A year later they hadn’t done anything. Their reason was that their work would interfere with other children in the school and they didn’t think they had the right to do this. Of course it would interfere with the other children and teachers; that was the point of doing the work!!!When my kid, April, started a new school at 14, the first thing I did was to clear the school of all the non-beneficial energies that could be thought of. On our first visit to the school, a teacher was informed of the plan and told there was nothing anyone could do about it and hoped the faculty liked the results. As a result, there were no problems during the four years of high school. One teacher commented about how peaceful, calm and FUN things were, since April began attending the school. One interesting comment came from a person in the audience where this story was being told. She said that her son attended several schools in the course of his education. He had attended this same school during the time April was there, and it was the most pleasant of all those he had attended.Did dowsing interfere with the lives of other people? CERTAINLY!Did I ask for permission of the authorities to do this? CERTAINLY NOT!I did ask my dowsing system if this was permissible and if there was any reason not to do it.In other areas, a letter of thanks was received from a Canadian Mountie, expressing gratitude for the lowering of violence in a Native village where crime and violence had been severe. After working on the people in the village, the violent crime dropped to ZERO. Again, dowsing was used to interfere with the lives of people unknown to me and without their permission. When telling people in class how to de-power killers and rapists, the common comment is, ”We can’t interfere with a person’s free will.” Why not? They are sure interfering with the free will of their victims. If we interfere first, maybe there won’t be any victims.Some have asked if I get permission before doing this work. Yes, but not necessarily from the criminal. I then put this question to the person asking: “Do you really think that I hunt down the killers or rapists and ask if it is ok with them to do some dowsing work to change their lifestyle?’’Then there is the argument that we are interfering with someone’s karma. This amazes me because if we prevent an assault on someone, we have done an act of kindness and prevented the perpetrator from creating more bad karma for himself. Some have accused me of interfering with a person’s karma by doing dowsing work to bring about better health. Maybe so. Then I probably interfered with an older, frightened woman’s karma who had a flat tire on the interstate by stopping to offer help. Somehow, the karma thing doesn’t seem to apply to the complaining folks when they have a problem. Maybe this is a case of their dogma getting run over by their karma. When teaching folks to check the integrity of anyone wanting to sell them something or get them to join their cause, the question comes up, “Isn’t that invading their privacy?” Maybe, but they are trying to invade your pocket and influence your life. You have a right to know if you are dealing with an honest person or a thief.Another thought is that there are many possible futures, and we can use dowsing to attract the best possible future to us. But again, the question has come up, “Aren’t we depriving ourselves of learning experiences?” My answer is, “Some learn by reading, some by listening, some by watching—and some have to pee on the electric fence. If we use dowsing to attract more positive events in our lives, we have spared ourselves the misery of bad decisions. Which do you think is the most intelligent choice?-To be continued in April Newsletter-Raymon Grace FoundationCLASS CALENDAR
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All classes are currently held in Abingdon, VA. Email April at april@raymongracefoundation.org for information and to register.COMMENTS FROM OUR FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD
Dear Mr. Raymon, I attended your October 14th & 15th, 2023 class and enjoyed it very much.  Last year, my son was struggling in his 1st grade class. Though the school was rated the very “best” in the county, the energy around it felt very dark and sad to me. Sensitive to this environment, he couldn’t sit still or pay attention.  He was unhappy. His teachers and peers were very harsh with him, telling him he was annoying and making him feel unwanted. He repeatedly expressed a desire to die and I was worried he’d attempt to commit suicide at 7 years old.  We switched him to a different school this fall for 2nd grade. Shortly after that, I discovered you, your methods and subscribed to your Energy Sessions Monthly. I wanted you to know that he has been thriving since then. The situation has made a complete and total 180 degree change. His teacher adores him and supports him in every way. He’s been put into the gifted program and has even made a couple of friends. He’s so much happier and I no longer live in fear of my child trying to end his life.  I’d tried to thank you in person after class, but became too emotional, overcome with gratitude. I appreciate the work you do and I am grateful you are spreading this knowledge with others, so they can also make such positive changes in their lives & communities. Most sincerely, Rachel Thank you Raymon for such a great class. Your no nonsense, no fluff and straight to the point teaching approach is exactly what I needed and a”breath of fresh air”!
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