The Canadian Society of Questers (1986) is a federally-incorporated society pursuant to the Canada Corporations Act (202.522.4). Founded in 1979, it was registered in the Province of British Columbia on Aug 20, 1980.

The objective of the society is to encourage and promote our natural abilities to locate water, mineral deposits and other information.

The National Headquarters of The Canadian Society of Questers is in Vancouver, with many active chapters in BC, Alberta, the rest of Canada and in the USA. We have communications with both the American and British Society of Dowsers, Northwest U.S. Dowsers, and the eastern Canadian Society of Dowsers. Our executive and officers are all volunteer positions, and operations are non-profit.

The Canadian Society of Questers is a non-profit organization that promotes the ancient art of divining in its many forms, including:

  • Dowsing for water, minerals, ley lines, and ancient ruins.
  • Questing/Seeking for lost or stolen goods, missing persons, and answers to personal queries.
  • Radiesthesia to assist in good health by identifying allergies, determining supplements such as vitamins and minerals, and locating sources of disease.
  • PSI to understand and develop the power of the mind.

Divining Tools are often used to assist in contacting and understanding a Diviner’s intuition or link to a higher intelligence.

Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose clearly defines us to be a cooperative educational group, with no intent to facilitate personal development or counselling. Involvement and attendance are an individual’s choice, and personal beliefs and wishes are strictly respected and encouraged.

  • The society seeks to correlate modern science with the philosophies and metaphysics of various cultures throughout the ages.
  • The society seeks to understand and develop human mental and physical sensing capacities, and to inform interested others in unselfish, good-purpose mind questing (a.k.a. divining, dowsing, radiesthesia or questing).
  • The society seeks to encourage, assist and instruct those who seek a fuller understanding of the metaphysical, parapsychological and paranormal aspects of life.
  • The society seeks to develop the sensory and questing techniques of its members by studying parapsychology, divining, dowsing, radiesthesia and other quests, and by educating them in good-purpose mind questing.
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