Fall Conference, 2019, Salmon Arm, BC

Theme: Good Vibrations


  • Doug Gray (White Eagle), Journey of the Heart (Keynote)
  • Maggy Davidson, Basic Dowsing
  • Jane Donald, Unlocking Your Energetic Potential
  • Deb Starwalker Peterson, Merkaba Energy Dowsing
  • Patrick Spearing and Gillian Browning, Living Off-Grid
  • Angela Roy, Earth Resonance
  • Lynn Clark, Live Blood Analysis for Better Health
  • David Meade, A New Approach to Forgiveness


Spring Conference, 2019, Red Deer, AB

Theme: Drawing the Future Towards Us


  • Michale Horn, The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: Prophecies and Predictions (Keynote)
  • Tyhson Banighen, Dowsing School
  • Anick Bourbonniere, Light Language
  • Georgia Miller, My Life’s Mystical Journey
  • Judith Hirst, Ten Lessons I Learned as a Medium
  • Mario Argenta, Discover the Healing Power of Qigong
  • Sarah Salter Kelly, Modern Day Shaman
  • Susan Collins, Drawing the Future Towards Us


Fall Conference, 2018, 100 Mile House, BC

Theme: Cariboo Paragon Conference 2018


  • Grant Cameron, Author, UFO Researcher, Keynote Presenter
  • Dave Scott, Spaced Out Radio Host
  • David Weatherly, Author, Paranormal Investigator, Cryptozoologist
  • Lorien Fenton, Radio Host, Sonoma County MUFON Director
  • Paisley Town, Numerology, Psychometry & Metaphysics Instructor
  • Ross Allison, Black Eyed Children and Haunted Objects
  • Eric Cooper, Paranormal Investigator
  • Joe Amaral, Healing Facilitator at Body Connection
  • Tyhson Banighen, The Illuminator


Spring Conference, 2018, Red Deer Alberta

Theme: Flying with the Phoenix


  • Elder Merope Gervais – My Dowsing Story 
  • Ken Johnston (Keynote Speaker) What we really found on the MOON
  •  Cindi Johnston – Shifting Timelines
  • Josie RavenWing – John of God ‘s Work
  • Open Forum for Questers about Questers – Time to define the Future
  • Chris Lee, HT CMH – Life in the Past Lane
  • Sue Paulson – Heaven Is Here; Did You Miss the Memo?
  • Tyhson Banighen, The Illuminator

This year the Fall Conference is free to all Members and is being held online.


Fall Conference, 2017, Salmon Arm, BC

Theme: Rising Beyond the Matrix


  • Tyhson Banighen
  • Theo Bromley
  • Stanton Friedman
  • Braden Karringten
  • Gladys McCoy
  • Elizabeth Weedn
  • Evelyn Rattray
  • Goran Rapaic

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Fall Conference, 2016, Sorrento, BC

Theme: Making a Difference


  • Dr. Adhi Moonien Two Owls
  • Gary S. Bobroff, M.A.
  • Brent Kisilevich
  • Suki Fox
  • Sivona Martin
  • Chuck Pettis

Read Bios of Presenters from Fall Conference 2016
Read President’s letter and Scholarship Application

Spring Conference, 2016, Olds, AB

Theme: Lighten Up!


  • Linda Rankin
  • Ivan McBeth
  • Martha Birkett
  • Sandee Mac

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Read President’s Letter

Fall Conference, 2013, Salmon Arm, BC

Theme: Embracing Change


  • Joey Korn
  • Gary Van Warmerdam
  • Joy Thompson
  • Robert Nichol
  • Suki Fox
  • Susan Mann
  • Ron LaPlace
  • Jacquelyn-Rose

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Click on the image below to see a slideshow of the conference (may take a few minutes to download, so please be patient:

Fall Conference, 2012, Salmon Arm, BC

Theme: Spirit/Earth Connection


  • Christian Kyriacou
  • Theodore & Lee Bromley
  • R J Stewart

Read Bios of Presenters from Fall Conference 2012

During this conference, participants got creative and created a new song for the Questers: The Questers’ Blues.

Click below to see and hear the Quester’s Blues:


Spring Conference, 2012, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Theme: Earth/Spirit Connection


  • Grahame Gardner
  • Freddy Silva
  • Garry Oker

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Fall Conference, 2011, Salmon Arm, BC


  • Andrew D. Basiago
  • Ginger Bowler
  • Charlyne Chiasson / Pietro Comelli
  • Rolland Gregg/Michelle Jungbluth
  • Carol Heywood
  • Laini Lascelles
  • Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
  • Jonathan Ritchey
  • Eric Tingstad / Shelly Mowat

Read Bios of Presenters from Fall Conference, 2011, Salmon Arm

Spring Conference 2011, Olds, AB


  • Susan Collins ~ King City, ON
  • Jonathan Ritchey ~ Kelowna, BC
  • Barry Penny and John Beaton ~ Pincher Creek and Calgary, AB
  • Dennis Barnett ~ Edmonton, AB Califon, NJ
  • Judy Armstrong and Tink Robinson, Nanton, AB

Read Bios of Presenters from Spring Conference 2011, Olds, AB

Spring Conference 2011, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Another successful conference!


  • Vlasty & Diane Senovsky ~ West Vancouver, BC
  • Neil Slade ~ Denver, CO
  • Dr Patrick MacManaway ~ Winnooski, VT / Strathmiglo, UK
  • Maureen St. Germain ~ New York, NY
  • Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre ~ Toronto, ON
  • Dr Victor Shamas ~ TUCSON, AZ

Read Bios of Presenters from Spring Conference 2011, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Fall Conference 2010

Theme: The Power of Heart


  • Dawn Clark – Georgetown, TX
  • Graham Hancock – Scotland
  • Judy and Ross Rogers
  • Susan Collins – Ontario
  • Loesje Jacob – Armstrong, BC
  • Roger Joyeux – Calgary, AB
  • Maya Massar – Fort Langley, BC
  • Donna Roth BA, BEd MH – Kelowna, BC
  • Jeff Volk – Toronto, ON

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Spring Conference 2010

Theme: Ascension and Beyond!


  • Brooks Agnew – Williamsburg, KY
  • Ellie Drew – Tucson, AZ
  • Gordon Freeman – Edmonton, AB
  • Regiena Heringa – Ste-Cecile-de-Masham, PQ
  • Loesje Jacob – Armstrong, BC
  • Joey Korn – Grovetown, GA
  • Lisa Renee – Los  Angeles, CA
  • Walter Schafer – Calgary, AB
  • Anthony D. Williams – Calgary, AB

Read Bios of Presenters from Spring Conference 2010

Fall Conference 2009

Theme: Empowerment


  • Tyhson Banighen (Tappen, BC)
  • Susan Broznitsky (Winfield, BC)
  • James Gilliland (Trout Lake, WA)
  • Anna Fornachon (Mexico)
  • Carol Heywood-Babrauskas (Issaquah, WA)
  • Dr. Miceal Ledwith (Olympia, WA)
  • Alexandra Luppold (Calgary, AB)
  • Sabina Pettit (Victoria, BC)
  • Heather Macauley (Sedona, AZ)
  • Kay Proudfoot (Welland, ON)
  • Mazebah Taahn (White Rock, BC)

Read Bios of Presenters from Fall Conference 2009

Spring Conference 2009

Theme: Ascension and Beyond


  • Joe Amaral – Williams Lake, BC
  • Theodore Bromley – Enderby, BC
  • Marilyn Collins – Coquitlam, BC
  • Maryjane Gottschlag – Burnaby, BC
  • Troi Leonard – Kelowna, BC
  • NaMastA – Edmonton, AB
  • Kirby Seid – San Pablo, CA

Read Bios of Presenters from Spring Conference 2009

Spring Conference 2008

Theme: Shape, Form and Colour


  • Barbara Hand Clow – Vancouver, BC
  • Kathleen Halloran – North Bend, WA
  • Yvette John – Hope, BC
  • Ivan Rados – Burnaby, BC
  • Malcolm Stewart – Surrey, England
  • Michael Strand – Kelowna, BC
  • Dieter Bay – North Vancouver, BC
  • Harold Nakajima – Kelowna, BC
  • Vlastislav Senovsky – West Vancouver, BC

Read Bios of Presenters from Spring Conference 2008

Fall Conference 2007

Theme: Raising Our Vibrations


  • Alicja Aratyn – Toronto
  • Chris Bernetchez and Barry Taylor – Vancouver, BC
  • Marnie Bradfield – Victoria, BC
  • Paul Elder – Port Alberni, BC
  • James Gilliland – Oregon
  • Anthony Heath – Devon, England
  • Carol Heywood-Babrauskas – Issaquah, Washington
  • Agnnes Kraweck – Edmonton, Alberta

Read Bios of Presenters from Fall Conference 2007

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