2023 Fall Conference

LawnChing Pad

September 15-17, 2023

Lawnching Pad

Riverside Community Club
3784 Trinity Valley Road, Enderby, BC

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Terez Laforge

“Solar Plexus Chakra Sound Bath”

Terez Laforge is a sound student since 1992 when she acquired her first solar plexus bowl. Thanks to years of personal experience and professional sound trainings, she now presents sound baths interprovincially using hertz, frequencies and intention setting as ways to help people relax and reboot mentally and emotionally.

Terez uses the chakra system as the baseline in presenting a sound bath. You are encouraged to get really comfortable in your camping chair or on your mat and blankets so your body can rest and relax. She gives a short intro and you mostly spend time listening to the harmonies and binaural beats coming from the bowls. Coming to the event with intentions for improving your world is a good idea

Paisley Town

“The Science of Psychometry”

Additional Readings:

At the Quester’s conference I will offer readings for those who wish to purchase a session for a Numerology reading which may/may not include a little something extra such as Psychometry or Oracle Card Reading with it.  I will let Spirit take the wheel on how the sessions will unfold as normally I offer online readings on the Zoom video platform, or telephone readings for clients near and far.

This fall I am looking forward to participating at the Questers’s Lawn-Ching Conference 2023. As my website indicates, I am known as a Numerologist in the Vancouver area and my other speciality is Psychometry Readings which was, for me, my introduction to the magical world of Metaphysics. Sensing the energy from objects has come easily to me and using this divination is always interesting and intriguing, as I never really “know” what information may reveal itself. At the conference, I will be demonstrating the science of psychometry then offering everyone the chance to learn and practice this skill.

Often clients will bring a piece of jewelry, a set of keys or a photo inside a sealed envelope for me to “read”. When bringing a jewelry object, it should be a metal object that you wear, or that someone wore before this came to be yours. If you bring your ancestors ring to use for this event, then it’s best if you have met that ancestor in person, or knew them and their personality/vocation etc. so that you can confirm the information that comes through when presented. Please don’t bring an object that you bought recently at a pawn shop for example as that will have energy on it that cannot be confirmed by yourself. Plastic and leather are tricky to read as they don’t vibrate “loudly” like silver, gold, nickel or platinum for example.

When bringing keys, keep in mind that plastic key fobs are quite difficult to read and a metal key, such as a house key, is easier to work with as the energy vibrates much stronger. If you choose to bring a photo inside an envelope, it’s preferable to bring a photo of one person or two people at the most. Bringing a family photo of several people likely will not be helpful for this purpose and I can explain that to you in better detail at the conference.

Esther Stenberg

Esther Stenberg

“How perform an I Ching Reading”

Esther has been coming to Questers conferences with her husband Bill Popiel for many years now, coming all the way from Saskatoon.  Esther’s interest in the paranormal began during her foray into psychotherapy as a career. Her knowledge and interest accelerated with going to workshops on different psychotherapies, alternative therapies and her own healing journey.   More than 40 years ago, both her and Bill were doing personal divination with Runes. Over the past 30 years, Esther has gathered a collection of Oracle Decks totalling around 15 or so. She even has some at her office for clients to occasionally use, to help them make sense of a situation or to receive guidance in complicated matters.

Esther enjoys using Oracle decks including one which uses the I Ching, called the Bamboo Oracle. As with the Runes, she consults several texts on the I Ching which help broaden her understanding of the hexagrams and how they might relate to her question or request for guidance.

After learning the origins of the I Ching and the Book of Changes and some information on the meaning of the hexagrams, you will receive instruction on how to do an I Ching reading.  With written instructions at your side, you will have the opportunity to use the I Ching for your own personal divination.  We will also do it as a group on answering a question and for receiving guidance for LawnChing the changes we want to experience and see in the world. If you have your own favourite Oracle deck or another way of divination, please bring it to use and discover the differences with the I Ching and to enhance the I Ching reading.

Richard McIver

“Nibiru – our 12th Planet”

Richard is going to present the research done by Marshall Masters regarding the orbit of Nibiru, the planet mentioned by Zacariah Sitchin., in his book, “The 12th Planet”, that is Book 1 of his “Earth Chronicles Series”. He details that Nibiru is a planet orbiting our Sun’s twin star, Nemesis. Nemesis, in turn has a 3,600 year orbit around our sun. Since it is a dark star, it has been difficult for astronomers to view and those in control of our media, have been able to hush any mention of it. Masters have honed in on the details of the orbit, it’s present position and how it will affect Earth in the near future.

Richard will correlate this work with “Michael Prophecies” as presented by David Wilcock, and how they correlate with Brooks Agnew’s ‘Spiritual Earth’ and Garnet Schulhauser’s ‘New Earth’. Also, he’ll discuss how ‘The Ascension’ is tied into all of this.

Dennis Young

“The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean”

Dennis Young grew up in Saskatchewan and joined the army in 1983. He was sent on cold war operations in West Germany from 1984-88.
In 1991, Dennis changed his trade to Military Police and operated against the Russians as an intelligence operator in Newfoundland for 3 years.
In 1995/96 Dennis operated in Bosnia against the Afghan Mujahadeen, who had been flown in to fight for the Bosnian Muslims. It there that he learned that the war had been a set up by western bankers and all large Bosnian businesses were put into banker receivership. (Stolen). Dennis left the army in 1997 and worked in the Alberta oilfield and became the leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada while writing A Henchman’s Honor, a book about his experiences in Bosnia. From 2005 to 2012, Dennis practiced law without a license in Calgary.

In 2016, Richard Shafsky, one of the two men whose experiences were based on the movie Indiana Jones, contacted Dennis and told him that he held the keys to medicine and the universe. Three days later, Dennis rode to Montana and stayed off and on for 2 years. During this time, he was shown how incredibly fast people could heal if they were immersed in healthy frequencies. MOST importantly, he was mentored on the teachings of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean were written in Phoenician 38,000 years ago, on indestructible, translucent, emerald crystal. They teach esoteric alchemy, which, instead of the transmutation of lead to gold, they focus on the transmutation of dark to light within man. They acknowledge that all things are one, and the higher the consciousness, the greater the transmutation. The transmutation can only be completed by those who adhere to the great laws of the universe. We will explore the science and history of the tablets and some interesting supporting science.

Jess Garfield

“The origins of Scalar Energy”

My first introduction into frequency healing was when I was introduced to someone who owned a Scalar machine. I became fascinated with its healing potential, not only on the physical plane but also on the emotional plane. This led me to realize that there is an alternative way of healing outside of Big Pharma and hospitals. After doing a lot of research my mother and I invested in our own Scalar and Rife equipment so we could be in control of our own health.

The last eighteen months has been an amazing journey. We have embarked on a whole new world of personal growth and development. We continue to be amazed at the possibilities and the healing potential in each one of us. A healing example was when a friend fell down the stairs and tore all the ligaments off his shoulder. He was taking a lot of painkillers like Advil and Tylenol. After sleeping in Scalar Energy for a week he had significantly reduced his painkiller intake and the range of movement in his shoulder was much better. In the future we are hoping to increase awareness of this healing energy, to help people either individually or in groups and to run retreats.

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