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March 2024
Vol 36 Issue 3
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2 March 17th, 2024 – Patricia Rose
3 From the Editor
4 There Be Dragons!
12 How Not to Meet a Well Driller
16 Who Is in This Healing?
17 Dowsing, The Magic of Giving and Receiving Blessings
20 Something to Think About
22 Blue Mountains Dowsers News
23 Last Renewal Notice
25 Library News
26 April 21st, 2024 – Flor Amanowicz

Speaker for March17th, 2024

  • Patricia Rose –
  • Flying Stars and the 9 Period –

    In this talk Patricia will introduce this specific branch
    of feng shui that considers space, time and objects in
    harmonising homes and spaces. Flying Stars Feng Shui
    is based on the Chinese Solar year or Hsia (Farmer’s)
    On 4th February 2024 we moved into Period 9, a new
    20 year period in Flying Stars Feng Shui. Period 9 is the 9th twentyyear cycle of the Lower Yuan from 2024 to 2043.
    Numbers are flying stars and within Period 9, the number 9 is auspicious. We will unpack the lucky 9 in relation to activating stars, the
    five elements and building understandings of how to minimise inauspicious energies. The number 9 is of the fire element which can
    be characterised by volatility, rapid changes and possible increases in
    cyber fraud. You will see links between Chinese Astrology and Chinese Medicine as fire symbolises the heart and eyes, and our constant
    pressure to complete things quickly can put a strain on our hearts.
    Patricia has been conducting Flying Star readings for friends for over
    5 years. This is an interactive session and will involve dowsing so
    please bring a pendulum. Patricia Rose has a PhD in Education and
    has taught for over 30 years in primary schools and two universities.
    She has been on a journey of self development and healing for over
    25 years and has completed an Angel Intuitive Course, NLP Accreditation, a Certificate IV in Telephone Counselling and a Certificate IV in Flying Stars Feng Shui

  • From the Editor
    Our March meeting will start with our yearly AGM. This will be followed by our normal talk which promises to be very interesting.
    We all have, as dowsers, personal stories that may inspire others or point
    to some learning that we have received by way of the pendulum. We all
    would love to hear them. If you feel that they are appropriate, please send
    them to me (a word document is fine), so I can share them with all our
    members. Your name need not be published if you do not want to.
    Please email me and attach the document to the email, my email address
    is on page 27. Take John Richardson, for example, he does send me interesting little articles. I am sure other members can do the same, grab a
    pen and paper and go for it. I look forward to reading your articles.
    Our committee has been working hard this year to provide interesting
    speakers for the meetings, and learning environments. We now have 2
    seminars planned for this year. They are listed on our website at, where you can download the information and registration pages. They will also be available at the meetings. Do not miss out on the chance to learn more and enhance your
    dowsing skills.
    If you would like to help and participate, please feel free to contact one
    of our committee members (details on page 27) and let them know. We
    always need help, and it is a good feeling to contribute some of your time
    or energy to a good cause.
    We have a range of articles this month with a lot of information. I always
    love to hear from Alanna, and be reminded of the power of blessings and
    the need to make the most of my time, not by doing more, but by taking
    the time to appreciate what I already have.
    Until next time, François

  • There Be Dragons!
    Relocating Earth energy flows and their Dragons
    By Alanna Moore
    n Irish folklore we are warned not to build
    over or disturb the Fairy Pathways that
    criss-cross the landscape. These currents of
    earth energy, acknowledged as the by-ways of
    fairies and other devic beings, are likewise
    found the world over.
    The Chinese associate their own Lung Mei /
    Dragon Lines with actual dragon spirits, and
    this I also find to be so.
    These telluric currents rise up from beneath the ground as a dowsable
    upward Earth vortex. They then flow along the land surface in serpentine, toroidal flow paths, to eventually descend below again via a downward vortex. Sometimes the geo-vortices connect via vertical energy columns into the sky energy network. Geo-vortices also act as doorways,
    portals for inter-dimensional traffic.
    Protective guardian spirits can often be found residing in a geo-vortex.
    Their appearance, seen clairvoyantly, depends on local lore. Dragons, I’ve
    found, are fairly common and indeed – universal. I’ve detected dragon
    spirits across the globe, from around the sacred springs of Malvern, UK,
    to Malaysia; and in Australia, where Aboriginal people know them as
    Rainbow Serpents. Such all-important serpent spirits can look quite
    dragon-like in Aboriginal art work, while classic Chinese dragons are often depicted in serpentine forms.
    ln Chinese feng shui one should never tread on the dragon’s tail, as they
    say, and Dragon Lines demand great care. But space is at a premium

    these days and many a dragon’s tail gets trampled.
    I always try to avoid disturbing these powerful Earth forces in any way,
    but when I’ve found them within people’s homes I’ve had to do something about it. It isn’t good to have a dragon in the home! Following are
    stories of some interactions with geo-vortices, Dragon Lines and their
    associated spirits.
    Dragon One
    After a long day of dowsing for clients in Malaysia, I found, by map
    dowsing, a couple of vortices that were inside homes and so warned the
    people about this. Luckily on my last day there I had a chance to go and
    help them out, but I also had a night flight home to catch, so there wasn’t
    much time.
    Being close to the equator makes for a challenging climate to visit. Now
    the atmosphere was getting pretty tense. A thunderstorm was brewing as
    we headed out to the edge of Kuala Lumpur, and it got to 37°C and very
    humid. We passed through a village of Orang Asli (indigenous people)
    and finally stopped at K.’s home, nicely located beside a forest valley, the
    special home place reserved for the Orang Asli.
    K. had planted fruit trees along the road verges around the house and
    from one, a huge green Jackfruit (or Durian) was picked for us to eat.
    (This is the infamous bad-smelling fruit that is not allowed to be taken
    into hotel rooms for its odour!)
    Dowsing K.’s home office, the strong vortex point found by map dowsing was there alright. It turned out to be very much a ‘chaos spot’, where
    K.’s daughter, I was told, would occasionally have ferocious temper tantrums! I tuned my inner eye down into the vortex and saw below the
    ground a colourful dragon that was peering up at me, with some astonishment! I had not had the chance to warn it of our plan. I prefer to take
    more time and give the devas prior warning, but I didn’t have the luxury
    of time. So now I took things very slowly
    and summoned up extra powers of persuasion! Silently I explained to the dragon that
    in here was not a good place to live, and that
    I needed to help move it out to a lovely new
    spot, outside in the garden, where it would
    be safe and sound, and not troubling the humans.
    I had divined a new spot already and dug a a
    little hole where some of K’s crystals, deemed
    suitable by dowsing, were placed.
    Finally the idea sank in and was accepted, so I began to slowly ‘herd’ the
    vortex, and dragon with it, in the direction it needed to go. I held one of
    K’s crystals in my hand to help it to connect to me and anchor its energy.
    Slowly pushing them along, I had to constantly reassure the dragon that
    all would be well.
    So far, so good. But as we neared the window there was a hiccup. It
    stopped moving and rebelled! “I can’t move, I can’t!” it screamed at me
    and I could see its tail thrashing to and fro in frustration. “Yes, you can,
    you can!!” I kept telling it, sending love and reassurance. “No, I can’t!”
    A few tense minutes passed and finally my ‘dragon whispering’ worked.
    The tail stopped thrashing around. Phew!! We could continue onwards,
    ever-so-slowly, and finally made it to the window.
    I dashed to the outside of the window and continued. This time I pulled
    the dragon and vortex energy out into the garden, walking tiny footsteps,
    one at a time, slowly towards the new spot. If I went too fast, I’d get the
    message to slow down. Eventually we made it to the spot beside the little
    pond. We placed more crystals in the hole and I dowsed over it to reinforce the desired outcome.

  • I advised K. to make a small stone circle around the new vortex location,
    to help hold the energies there and keep the dragon happy.
    Indeed, the dragon seemed happy enough to stay put and there was now
    no energetic trace of anything back in the room. All was good, so off we
    sped down the highway to the second dragon, as storm clouds darkened
    and rumbled loudly above.
    Dragon Two
    The second house was in a newish, upmarket housing estate. The large
    geo-vortex was located at the base of the staircase to the upper floors.
    Interestingly, the woman of the house, who greeted us on crutches, had
    fallen down these stairs at New Years Eve, not long before. “That vortex
    might have had something to do with your fall,” I suggested. Whatever the
    case, there was too much disruptive energy for anyone’s lounge room.
    Tuning in clairvoyantly I again saw a dragon stationed in the centre of
    the vortex, of the same ‘species’ as the other. It was mainly white with
    touches of blue colour. Fortunately it wasn’t as grumpy as the last one.
    My friend Alice also (independently) saw its misty, mainly white form
    swirling around. I went through the same procedure as last time, there
    were no hiccups and all went well.
    The dragon’s new home was in a bare patch of new garden, and I advised
    that a small stone circle might be put there. A little Spirit House wouldn’t
    go astray either. These are commonly seen in the yards of Asian people,
    who pay their respects daily to the land and air spirits, with one Spirit
    House on the ground for earth beings, and one higher up for the air beings.
    As we headed back to Alice’s place the black clouds finally burst, lightening blazed and torrential rain pelted down as we sped down the highway,
    with driving visibility difficult. But at least the temperature had mercifully dropped by ten degrees. “Hmmm, the blessing of rain,” I thought. It
    was a good sign. And, despite the smell, the Jackfruit tasted delicious!
    Dragon Three
    The following story is from Victoria, Australia, from December 2015.
    The client sent the following initial email queries, she wrote:

  • Hi Alanna,
    You may remember that we purchased 50 acres just over a year ago
    [2014], which came with a partially built brick house. The previous
    owners started building it 25 years before, and after many incarnations, changing plans, pulling bits down and then building again,
    changing plans again, they gave up and it has ended up just as a brick
    shell and stumps. We always assumed it was financial (no – we found
    out they had plenty of money). Then we put it down to their procrastination…
    At the time of purchase, apart from feeling positive about buying it,
    I did dowse to find out whether it was the correct property for us,
    with a huge ‘Yes’ swing. Prior to buying, we wrote a list of all our
    wants and requirements in the perfect property and then sent it out
    into the universe. We couldn’t believe how perfectly accurate this
    place was!!
    We took up finishing the build of the house, but we also came to a
    halt. It wasn’t until we started to build, that things started going
    wrong. For example, we dug up an underground electrical cable that
    was not as deep as it should have been. The same day, our dog was
    bitten by a tiger snake.
    And it seemed that every time we started something, we were held
    up for different reasons.
    Then, I did the dowsing workshop with you at Pete’s. It still didn’t
    click, until we did the segment where we dowsed the maps of other
    people’s properties. Karen dowsed my property and said she had
    dowsed a Dragon Line running right through the middle of our
    house. What did Alanna say???? NEVER build on a Dragon Line!!!
    After the workshop, I went home and did indeed find the serpent
    [dragon] line running right through the middle of the length of the
    house. Ugh! Sigh! …
    When l got home, l sat down with the dragon line and did a meditation. I felt its very strong, old, male energy. I attempted to compromise with him, however, he just did not want to communicate and
    did not want disturbance of any kind. The word he projected to me
    was ‘Stagnant’.
    l didn’t think he was angry, more annoyed. He just wanted to be left
    in peace without all that work going on, and so, everything just stops.
    Well, at least there is an explanation as to why it was never finished!
    I did explain why we were there, and what we were intending to do,
    and the hope that we can work in harmony together, but I’m not
    sure that he was very empathetic. I just kept hearing the word ‘stagnant’. Ahhh!! What do I do now!??
    That’s when I contacted you and sent the plan of the property. Did
    you say that a serpent line cannot be moved, except maybe to go
    down and pop up further along? The trouble is that we can’t move
    the house either. We do, however, have a wonderful position 30 metres down for the serpent line if it is possible to move it.
    We were hoping you may have some advice for us, and in the meantime, we have stopped work so as not to annoy him,”
    “Aha! There’s a reason for everything!” I replied. “Luckily it is possible to
    negotiate with a serpent!” And so, I went back to the map and started to
    remotely connect to the dragon/serpent spirit and energy line, and explain what was required, with due respect! Could it please dip down and
    avoid going through the house please?
    Eventually the desired result was divined to have occurred, by map dowsing. Not being there to double check, I asked V. to do onsite dowsing.
    I wrote to her:
    “l asked the Dragon Line to go underground at a downward vortex (marked on the map) and to come out again well past the
    house, in what would dowse as an upward vortex.
    Perhaps when you go there next you’ll find it’s still there, but it’s
    actually under the ground, beneath the house, rather than on the
    surface. And it was very happy for things to get sorted too!”
    Christmas came and went and I heard nothing back. But no news is usually good news. And so this was the case.
    I asked V. again if the dragon line did actually dive under the house and
    she replied:
    “Yes!! Thank you! The serpent line is of course still there, however,
    I have been able to dowse the downward and upward vortices.
    The house site feels different too…hard to describe…it feels like
    the tension is gone, much freer. Also, it was always hard to picture the finished home, but now all the ideas are flowing. Thanks
    so much, we are very happy with the results!”
    Update a few years later, I returned to Victoria in late 2019 and was at
    ‘Pete the Permie’s’ Telopea Gardens teaching dowsing again in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne. I heard talk in the class of the
    wonderful things about V.’s place. Pete told me that they have finished
    the house now – it is amazing – and their new cafe has opened alongside,
    Keith’s Nursery too.
    So, I later asked V. for an update and she told me how things had unfolded:
    “The difference in the energy was amazing! You could feel the release, ease…hard to explain…clear, free, flow, peace. We started the
    serious building after we moved here in June 2018, and we finished the house and were living in it by 21st December 2018!
    Building a house in that time frame is ridiculously fast. It was the
    ease of flow through council planning and sourcing materials and
    trades people that was mind blowing.
    We have also started a business here (part of our dream). Yarrowood Nursery, Cafe & Farm Shop (if you are on Facebook, you can
    check it out). Keith loves to grow plants and I love to bake, so it’s
    a perfect combo.
    The Cafe has a cottage and veggie/herb garden, in which I have
    worked in collaboration with our garden Deva, and I dowsed for
    every plant, asked where it would like to be planted. Many of the
    customers comment on the beautiful energy our garden and farm
    has – and we haven’t even placed our ‘Tower of Power’ as yet.
    ln regard to our home, everyone that stays, says that it has a beautiful calm, relaxing feel and they love to visit, so, thank you again
    Author Alanna Moore has been a dowser for over 40 years. She was one of the
    founding members of our society in 1984. She has written several books on
    dowsing. She will attend and present at our 40th Anniversary celebration in
    November. She also often also hold seminars and training session. We will let
    our members know the details when they become available.

    How Not to Meet a Well Driller
    By Jim Kuebelbeck
    Beside my work as a water dowser, I’ve experienced many other interesting things
    in my life. Somewhere along the way, I happened to acquire a commercial pilot’s license. I
    once suggested to my wife, Carol, that she take
    a few flying lessons, just so she’d be able to
    safely land the aircraft and walk away from it
    alive if I should suddenly drop dead in flight.
    Big mistake.
    After a few lessons, she got hooked and continued to go on to get her
    private pilot’s license. How well I remember when our daughters came
    home after flying with her, telling me it was much more fun flying with
    her, because she did more chandelles than I did when they flew with me
    (an intricate aircraft manoeuvre where the pilot combines a 180-degree
    turn with a climb; it’s now a required skill for attaining a commercial
    flight certificate in many countries).
    The manoeuvre is much like making a figure eight in the sky, and it requires more than a bit of piloting skill. Some years ago, I was scheduled
    to go on an extended cross-country flight. It was mid March, and much
    of the winter’s snow was already melting in most areas. I called the airport the evening before to make sure the plane was ready to go.
    I was told the aircraft was just coming out of a major engine overhaul but
    would be ready to go in the morning. I told the airport operator I wanted them to give it a test flight before I took it up, and he said they’d do it
    early the next morning. Later that same evening, he called me back and
    asked if I’d do him a favour by flying out to an airport in North Dakota,
    leaving the plane there (for them to use for their flight training), then fly
    one of their planes back for a scheduled maintenance check. I told him I
    During the night, however, a severe thunderstorm came through the area.
    It lasted until early morning, and I considered rescheduling. But the
    weather forecast said the front would soon move through and clear skies
    were forecast for later. It was still raining a bit when I got to the airport.
    So, I filed my flight plan and had a cup of coffee.
    Two other pilots were talking in the airport lounge and asked where I was
    going. When I told them I was heading west, they told me they’d just
    come from the Dakotas flying a U.S. mail plane, and that the turbulence
    was so bad they had to get out of the sky until it passed. They asked what
    I was flying, and I told them it was the aircraft parked right next to their
    government plane. “Maybe you want to ask a few questions before you
    take that plane out,” one of them said. “Somebody just took it out for a
    test flight, and when he came back, we overheard him talking to a mechanic about how the engine lost some power when he put on carb heat.
    But the mechanic said the engine had just been overhauled and losing
    power under carb heat was normal after an engine overhaul”. I thanked
    them for the info and went to the hanger to ask the mechanic about it. I
    got the same story from him. He told me everything had been checked
    out, and that the plane was good to go. I could see skies clearing to the
    west, and it looked like it was going to be a great day for flying. I preflighted the aircraft and got off the ground and headed west. It was a
    warm spring day, and I could only see a few patches of snow here and
    I levelled off at 5,000 feet, got the aeroplane trimmed up and settled back
    to enjoy the scenery. Or so I thought. I flew along for about a half hour.
    Then, I noticed I lost a couple hundred feet of altitude. Thinking I might
    not have tightened up the throttle control lock, and that it might’ve had
    eased back, I loosened it up and tweaked up the throttle a bit. I regained
    my altitude and flew on for another five minutes. Then I noticed an-
    other slight drop in RPM. Thinking I was probably picking up a
    little carburettor ice, I reached
    over and engaged the ‘carb heat’
    In about five seconds, the whole
    plane shuddered, the engine RPM
    went down to zero, and I’m suddenly looking at a stopped propeller. Things got very quiet up there. The
    only sound I heard was that of the wind rushing past the outside air
    vents. That’s not a very pleasant sound when you’re used to having the
    noise of a big engine turning a big propeller. I looked around for a place
    to make an emergency landing if I had to put it down. But all I could see
    were miles and miles of woods ahead of me. I knew I had to keep up my
    air speed or the laws of aerodynamics would soon get my undivided attention. So, I pushed the nose toward the ground and made a slow descending turn to see what was behind me.
    A couple miles back, I could see what looked like a small open pasture.
    With luck, I thought I might be able to make it. So, I primed the carburettor once more and tried to restart the engine. But, I was now flying a
    glider (the only difference being that my glider had a big, heavy engine
    up front trying to obey the laws of gravity). I remember saying out loud,
    “Okay God, it’s just you and me now, and you’d better be one hell of a copilot.” I made it to the small open area and tried to head into what little
    headwind there was. I raised the nose a bit, manually engaged full flaps
    and slowed up as much as I dared.
    I was about 100 feet off the ground when, to my horror, I saw a herd of
    beef cattle right where I was trying to land in about three seconds. I
    touched the rudder and just missed hitting two cows. The rumble of the
    noise when the nose gear sheared off was almost pleasant to hear, because
    I realized I wasn’t dead. But, I think I was out of that aircraft even before
    it came to a complete stop. I looked around and spotted a farmhouse
    with a big shed in the distance, and I headed for it. When I got up to the
    farmyard, I heard some noise coming from the shed.
    When I entered the shed, I was quite surprised to find a well driller doing
    some repair work on his drilling rig. This would certainly not be my recommended way for a water dowser to meet a well driller. The airport
    operator called me some time later to thank me for saving the aeroplane.
    I didn’t tell him it wasn’t the aeroplane I was trying to save. I asked how
    they were going to get the plane out of that little pasture. He told me
    they’d gone up and checked everything out.
    I told him there was no way they were going to fly it out of that tiny pasture even if they had a tarred runway. “I know,” he said. “But we did a
    little looking around out there, and talked to a few farmers along the nearest
    country road, and if we can get the plane hauled out to this gravel road, we
    think we can fly it out of there.
    We’ll have to cut down a few telephone poles along the road. But we have an
    Alaskan bush pilot here who looked the situation over and says he can do it,if
    we can get any deer or animals off the road. He told us he’d have that thing
    screaming down that road, and have that plane back up in the air.”
    I wished him luck and told him to let me know when they were going to
    try this particular stunt because I wouldn’t mind being there to witness
    it. “Well, here’s the deal,” he said. “We’d like to keep this whole incident as
    low-key as much as possible. We’ll probably try to fly it out of there early some
    morning. But right now, we don’t know just when we’ll be able to do this.”
    He called about a week later to tell me the plane had just gotten back,
    safe and sound.
    Jim Kuebelbeck owns and operates Underground Water Locating with his
    wife Carol out of their home in St. Joseph, Minn. Together, they have been
    locating underground water for homeowners, farmers, and communities in
    Minnesota and the surrounding states since 1970. For more information
    visit their website at:
    Who Is in This Healing?
    By John Richardson, one of our members from the NSW North Coast
    Healing energy can be used by running energy onto the body with
    your hands. It can also work at a distance, with the same intent, to
    effect change in a person.
    In the case where a healing involves you and multiple people who are in
    conflict, including detrimental spirits and non-beneficial earth energies;
    you want to heal the situation, but you lack the experience and knowledge to effect the change required.
    The solution is to call on other people (past or present) that may have the
    talent required and be willing to help you. If so, and you, as a dowser, can
    utilise their talents remotely!
    To use that remote help, go into your dowsing mode with your tool of
    choice, whatever works for you, call on all persons involved in the conflict, including their spirits, and the talented people (past or present) you
    want to get help from, and explain the situation that you want resolved.
    Make sure for participants and spirits to be in accord to effect change.
    In my case, when I am one of those to be included in the healing, I feel
    energy sensations move through my body as the healing progresses, and
    my tool of choice will change in action and strength in its movements.
    If I am not included in the healing, I will not experience the energy sensations, but my tool of choice will monitor the changes and stop when
    the change finishes.
    Remember to offer thanks at the completion.
    Love to all!
    John Richardson, can be contacted on (02) 6643-3813.
    Dowsing, The Magic of Giving and
    Receiving Blessings
    By Melinda lverson Inn
    Ozark Research Institute – Winter 2023
    Begin with a blessing. Dowsing
    pre-emptive blessings are always a good idea don’t you think?
    It is such a simple concept and yet
    many of us forget the power of a
    What is a blessing? Here is my definition; you probably have your
    own that works for you.
    “Thinking kindly and lovingly towards someone or something that will bring
    about harmony, grace with gratitude, while raising their vibration to a level
    of love and wholeness.”
    Whether it’s something you are consuming, or a place you may be visiting, people you may or may not know, your home, a parcel of land, a
    country, the planet, our celestial friends, your pets, the weather or any
    aspect of nature. There is always a need for blessings.
    What makes a blessing powerful?
    Just the very idea that we can through the intention of our hearts, combined with the focus of our mind, send good thoughts towards someone
    or something, makes us step outside of ourselves and into the realm of
    the all-encompassing Divine within. Asking for goodness to be bestowed
    upon a situation, object, something in nature or a person, opens us up to
    the quantum reality that all things can be in harmony with one another,
    no matter the circumstances. The very thought of a blessing can purify,
    cleanse and assist the recipient in so many ways that we cannot fully un-
    derstand the breadth and width of its reach. We do know blessings work
    and are quite magical. Blessings can be heard and felt across time and
    How do we know blessings work?
    This question is purely empirical and will depend upon your memories
    of flow, your being provided for, or synchronicities that have spontaneously happened in your life. I have my personal stories of the many times
    I have experienced the power of blessings. These have to do with one or
    many beings coming together to bless and help in my endeavours for
    raising my consciousness, self-healing, projects and in my life in general.
    I am learning that my life is a blessing in itself.
    Does the power of a blessing depend upon the purity of the heart?
    Actually, the act of a blessing helps the heart to come to its natural pure
    state. The more blessings we send gives us the opportunity to know that
    we are thinking of others and therefore are acting in service. We can send
    blessings to ourselves too. In fact, it is highly recommended that we bless
    ourselves before blessing others.
    Why? Because when we ask for a blessing for ourselves first, it provides
    us the necessary alignment to send blessings to others. It’s like the oxygen
    mask on an aeroplane reference we have all heard so many times.
    Blessings are used every day in healing and clearing by many of my friends
    and colleagues. I find blessings are needed more and more these days, as
    the energies of our planet are shifting and changing daily.
    Blessings can send a beautiful ripple of love and soothing across timelines, dimensions, spaces, and realities.
    Here are some blessings that my friend and colleague Cynthia Sue Larson
    and I wrote together. Use your pendulum or dowsing rod as an amplifier
    to radiate and streamline these blessings to your focused intent.
    Please feel free to try them out and let me know how they worked for
    you. (
    Lightworkers Blessing
    We, Lightworkers of Earth, dedicate ourselves in highest service to God,
    the Absolute, and the Light today and every day throughout all time,
    space, dimensions, and realities. We freely choose this for ourselves. (Cynthia Sue Larson & Melinda lverson Inn)
    Gateway Blessing for the Golden Age
    Dear God, thank you for blessing me to follow my heart and my highest
    self, which is connected to You and is my true and faithful guide always.
    (Cynthia Sue Larson & Melinda lverson Inn)
    Peace and Tranquillity Blessing
    I choose to activate the aspects of creation that are empowering and inspiring at the highest levels of sovereignty and spiritual growth for all.
    (Cynthia Sue Larson & Melinda lverson Inn) You can also bless yourself
    and any situation retroactively.
    Time Travel Healing of Personal Trauma Blessing
    I trust Spirit to guide me through to a point in place and time, bringing
    the healing presence of genuine love and blessings, repairing lives and
    relationships for myself and all concerned. – (Cynthia Sue Larson &
    Melinda lverson Inn)
    Dowsing blessings are a wonderful way to start and end your day. Before
    sleeping a blessing for dreams, when awakening a blessing to experience
    the beauty of the day. They can be used to commence a new project,
    event, send healing and enliven any gathering. Dowsing blessings of joy
    and healing can be given at any time, just like hugs.
    We’ve got this! AlI Love and Blessings,
    ~ Melinda
    You can find Cynthia Sue Larson at
    This article is an excerpt from Melinda’s new book and, dowsing techniques: ‘Dowsing Celestial & Crystal Wisdom’
    Something to Think About
    This was written by an 83 year old woman to her friend.
    I’m reading more and dusting less. I’m sitting in the yard and admiring
    the view without fussing about the weeds in the garden.
    I’m spending more time with my family and friends and less time working.
    Whenever possible, life should be a pattern of experiences to savour, not
    to endure. I’m trying to recognize these moments now and cherish them.
    I’m not ‘saving’ anything; we use our good China and crystal for every
    special event such as losing a pound, getting the sink un-blocked, or the
    first Amaryllis blossom.
    I wear my good blazer to the market. My theory is if I look prosperous, I
    can shell out $28.49 for one small bag of groceries.
    I’m not saving my good perfume for special parties, but wearing it for
    clerks in the hardware store and tellers at the bank.
    “Someday” and “one of these days” are losing their grip on my vocabulary.
    If it’s worth seeing or hearing or doing, I want to see and hear and do it
    I’m not sure what others would’ve done, had they known that they
    wouldn’t be here for the tomorrow that we all take for granted.
    I think they would have called family members and a few close friends.
    They might have called a few former friends to apologize and mend fences for past squabbles. I like to think they would have gone out for a Chinese dinner, or for whatever their favourite food was.
    I’m guessing; I’ll never know.
    It’s those little things left undone that would make me angry if I knew
    my hours were limited.
    Angry because I hadn’t written certain letters that I intended to write one
    of these days.
    Angry and sorry that I didn’t tell my husband and parents often enough
    how much I truly love them. I’m trying very hard not to put off, hold
    back, or save anything that would add laughter and lustre to our lives.
    And every morning when I open my eyes, tell myself that it is special.
    Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift from God.
    I don’t believe in miracles… I rely on them.
    Happy Day to You!

Blue Mountains Dowsers News
The next meeting of the Blue Mountains Dowsers is scheduled for
Sunday 7th April, 2024, 2:00 pm.
Address: The Lawson Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre,
9 New Street, Lawson.
The Celtic Stone Method

  • Jane Reuhmkorff –
    An introduction to The Celtic Stone Method of Adjusting Earth Energies
    as developed by Peter Ruehmkorff.
    Since Peter’s death in 2013, Jane has continued doing Environmental Property Surveys. She will explain
    their method used to change the earth radiation in a
    home, by suppressing the detrimental ‘negative’ lines,
    in order that the ‘positive’ lines can emerge, usually
    resulting in a more harmonious and less stressful
    sleeping and living environment.
    In this introductory talk Jane will explain how Peter
    discovered the Celtic Stone method by trial and error
    in 1994, outline the way it is done and dowse some river stones for polarities.
    Jane will discuss checking for detrimental artefacts and ghosts once the stones
    are placed and the negative energies removed.
    People often get sick sleeping on harmful energy lines and they improve after
    moving their beds. This method (which was discovered after the article was
    written in 1987) equalises the whole house for family harmony and healing
    without having to move beds.
    Peter’s handbook ‘Equalisation of Harmful Earth Radiation’ will be
    available in hard copy or e-copy and a hands-on seminar can also
    be arranged at a later date (max 4 students and the same number of
    homes) if you want to learn hands-on how to practise this method.
    Bring your pendulums and come and enjoy an afternoon expanding your

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    You can stay tuned to Dowsing, participate in learning, as well as support
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Book Review:
The Gentle Art of Blessing
By Pierre Pradervand
A simple practice that will transform
you and your world.
How can a blessing change the world?
According to Pierre Pradervand, making the conscious choice to bless every
person or being around you, can truly
make a world of difference in yourself
and in others around you.
In The Gentle Art of Blessing, Pradervand shows that the practice of blessing
has the power to create more than just
a renewed perspective.
It unleashes tangible benefits throughout your entire life – through your daily interactions, your life-long relationships, and in the way your approach your place in the world.
Remember, our catalogue is available online for browsing at your convenience at:
~ Helen
Library News
Speaker for April 21st, 2024

  • Flor Amanowicz –
  • The Nazca Mummies –
    Flor is a Peruvian-born, Australian
    citizen, and has been travelling
    back and forth to Peru working closely
    with the scientific and archaeological
    teams since 2017.
    Her presentation will bring you a detailed and factual journey from scientific dating, DNA analysis, the history
    still unfolding, and the politics. Most
    especially the obvious evidence for the
    origins of these artefacts.
    Dowsers Society of NSW – March 2024 Page 27
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