Raymon Grace February Newsletter

February Newsletter

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  A Note From AprilHello Friends,
Please excuse this newsletter being a few days late… it’s been a busy month.Thank you to everyone who has registered for classes. March, April and May are full but we just added a June 15-16 class. We will also be adding other dates if this class fills up. So please stay tuned.
Please email me april@raymongracefoundation.org for class information and to register. Not Raymon.
We get lots of requests for online classes. We do have something in the works that I hope to have figured out by the end of this month. So please stay tuned. It won’t be live but the next best thing.
I hope you are all having a wonderful year so far.
April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation Class ScheduleA Note From RaymonHowdy FolksTHANK YOU for your kind notes about the energy in your home feeling better and your water tasting better. That was the plan for the Energy Clearing and am THANKFUL it worked for you.The classes this year will be held at April’s studio which had been renovated. I APPRECIATE all you folks who helped. April will be organizing the classes and attendance will be limited to keep people comfortable. If we have an overflow, then I will offer more classes.
My friend Jenn interviewed me recently and she did a good job of asking questions.
It appears my eyes are closed but they weren’t. Apparently it was because I was looking at Jenn and the camera was at the top of my computer.
Feel free to share the interview as I would like to help Jenn get a large ‘audience. -See button below for link-I like to write a brief and useful newsletter that helps people. Am keeping this story brief and revealing only minimal information. A good friend of mine has a daughter who had cancer and tumors in her body. This condition had existed for a few years and involved LOTS of treatment from hospitals. To sum it up, she was basically told to go home and die.She refused to follow instructions.Today her Dad sent this brief email:“Totally gone! All 4 of the tumors are gone. They are going to give her a reduced chemo program for a few months. Then stop it totally. I think your program was very instrumental in the success. I had it gone using your process you gave me.”So you want to know the program I shared with him. Ok here it is, don’t complicate it.My friend Brock, gave me this information in a phone conversation. Apparently I have the information correct because it workedDowsing was used to lower the electricity in the blood to 42%Amps and volts in the body were raised to 100%Magnetism was raised to 58%Then~~electricity in the tumors and cancer was lowered to 21%Frequency of tumors and cancer was lowered to zero.
I have observed the higher the electricity in the disease, the more severe it is. That’s it. It’s all the information I gave my friend because it’s all I had. It might take a few days to get the electricity in the blood and disease to the appropriate level.If you don’t understand how to do this with dowsing, you can get my video ‘Explaining the Dowsing Chart.’ on the products page of my website -see button below-. Some people seem to think they need to know EVERYTHING about a situation before they do ANYTHING. If I thought this way, I would never have accomplished anything. Have seen a lot of dead squirrels in the road because they couldn’t make a decision.Enjoy Spring, Raymon
Raymon’s InterviewRaymon’s WebsiteClick below for a free download of the dowsing chart. Just click the download button right above the dowsing chart photo on the page.Free Dowsing Chart  Class ScheduleMarch 23-24 – FullApril 6-7- FullMay 18-19 – FullJune 15-16
Email april@raymongracefoundation.org for information and to register.
Comments From Our Friends Around The WorldThanks again for your amazing work.We are on the list for the clearing this month and I am really amazed whats happening.Our 4 children are more happy they talk and laugh more and the energy of the house is so much better ❤️🙏🏻
Ever since December 2-3 in Abingdon at the Empowerment workshop, I’ve experienced a number of things that have changed my life. One I’d like to mention today is an improved water supply. I have a well on my property and have experienced days of cloudy, slightly muddy water coming out of the taps. Usually it happens when there’s days and days of rain, but we had nearly 4 months in 2023 without rain. The streams that run through the property were slowing to a trickle. When I returned from your class, I decided to dowse for more rain. Then the thought came to me to dowse for the water level to rise from the Earth to supply my needs, and I gave thanks to all who were able to make that happen. The tap water cleared, there’s a nice flow of water from every spiget and the taste is smooth and pleasant. Then I remembered you have been working on everyone who signs up for class.  Without the need to go further into detail, another unimaginable benefit is my fast, consistent healing from that shocking fall on December 2nd.  And I was able/willing to go back into that event and offer those feelings/pain/and embarrassment to be transmuted into love and compassion for myself. On the practical side of things, I can carry a gallon of water in each hand without pain!! now that’s a miracle! Life is so much easier and gratitude comes as soon as I awaken. Thank you for your work. With gratitude, Pat 
Raymon Grace FoundationI am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY? Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS.Clinch Mountain Hemp
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