Blue Columns of Light at Fall Conference


At the 2022 Fall Conference at Riverside Community Hall in Ashton Creek BC, Cory G near midnight September 17/18, saw columns of blue light moving about the large field between the hall and the Shuswap River to the south. She described seeing one column in one position then it moved, and another column appeared to the west and then that column arched to another position in the field. She described the activity as being near the ground to 200 feet in the air. The phone photos she took showed a dome of light over the field. She met Jacqui and they both witnessed the same phenomenon. Cory shared the photos Sunday morning.


Jacqui adds:


A couple things Glen for clarity on this phenomenon. We were walking back from brushing our teeth. The mist had been rolling in for over 20 minutes, slowly, mysteriously, blocking out the millions of stars. John Theobald was with us at the start and saw it too. I noticed over our camping area the mist forming a rainbow shape. We watched it solidify together into a large arc, like you said Glen, fairly close to the ground. Through the arc, you could see the ebony black littered with twinkling stars. No other stars could be seen. It was most unusual, and Cory quickly began snapping photos. The colours could only been seen in the photos we saw the next morning. Also, this event occurred on Saturday night not Friday. Remember she showed us the photos on Sunday?


Dowse on the blue columns:


Can I dowse on this event? YES


May I? YES


Should I? YES


Was the phenomenon UFO? NO


Were the blue columns intra-dimensional? YES


Was the event due to the Huna Circle Jacqui led around a fire pit in the same field three hours earlier? YES


Were the blue columns Hawaiian Kahunas? NO


Were the blue columns spiritual beings? YES


Were they higher dimensional? YES


Could they be called Archangels? YES


How many Archangels? EIGHT? YES


Were they providing protection over the people attending the conference? YES





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