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Trent Deerhorn Quester Conference Video and AGM link

Fellow Questers, Saskatchewan Shaman Trent Deerhorn mystified Questers with his journey into the practice of Shamanism last week. Trent does Shamanic energy work with people around the world, filling in the spaces between traditional forms of healing work. Perhaps many of us are Shamans in training. Here your replay link to expand your mind just […]

Links to Zoom Conference Recordings

Links to Merope Gervais and Maggie Reigh’s Zoom Recordings 2021 Fall Quester’s Conference   Apologies for any trouble accessing Merope’s replay link from Sept 16th. is a correct link and should take you directly there. We’re so grateful to Maggie Reigh who shared joy and a myriad of physical techniques with us last week […]

2021 CSQ Fall Conference On-Line

  Fellow Questers, Our Fall Conference begins in just a couple weeks, and we have some great presentations lined up for you. Can you do us a favour please? Take the poster off the website (under “conferences” tab )and send it to your friends. Put the poster onto Facebook and other social media platforms. Place […]

Schedule for Questers Zoom Conference

  2020 Clear Vision 41st Annual CSQ Fall Conference Schedule   Saturday September 19th    10am pst        Hon. Paul Hellyer    Broader Reality Tuesday September 29th       7pm pst        Sahara Exodus          Dream a Better World Tuesday October 6th              7pm pst        Greg Webb                Muscle Monitoring Tuesday October 13th            7pm pst        Stephanie Banks      Times Are Changing […]

2020 Annual Questers Fall Conference

    2020 Clear Vision 41st Annual Questers Fall Conference             Starting September 19th 2020 and FREE for all members, CSQ presents a series of talks online from visionary leaders. Join now as a contributing member envisioning the future we all want to see!!   Hon. Paul Hellyer on […]

Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway spoke to Questers in Harrison Hot Springs BC about 2008 and later at Olds College Alberta. In Harrison he taught beginner and intermediate dowsing. His presentation at the Executive Inn included slides of work he did in England regarding land clearing, stone circles and their energies. He was the past president of the […]

Evelyn Rattray

Evelyn Rattray   I first heard of Evelyn Rattray in 2003 at Raymon Grace’s dowsing school at the Hansen property on Swan Lake in Vernon BC. Raymon and Evelyn had worked together on First Nation’s reserves across Canada to break through the multigenerational trauma caused by the residential school system. Through dowsing Raymon would identify […]

Deb Starwalker Peterson – Speaker Fall 2019

Professional dowser, metaphysical teacher, ascension and lightbody coach, energy therapist, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual hypnotherapist. Earth healing lightworker, anchoring in new galactic energy upgrades and ascension codes for Gaia. Spiritual gatekeeper, able to see, feel, and work with a variety of energies and beings, such as ley lines, negative intrusions, portals, nature spirits, ghosts, angels […]

Maggy Davidson – Speaker Fall 2019

Maggy Davidson is a way-shower and healer and is the proprietor of Spirit Quest Books in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.  She offers life coaching sessions and services such as Genie in the Gene, aura pictures with analysis, colour therapy sessions, psychic readings, past life regressions, and astrological charts,  as well as courses in numerology, pendulum […]