Deb Starwalker Peterson – Speaker Fall 2019

Deb PetersonProfessional dowser, metaphysical teacher, ascension and lightbody coach, energy therapist, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual hypnotherapist. Earth healing lightworker, anchoring in new galactic energy upgrades and ascension codes for Gaia. Spiritual gatekeeper, able to see, feel, and work with a variety of energies and beings, such as ley lines, negative intrusions, portals, nature spirits, ghosts, angels and interdimensional beings of light.

A leading authority on, teacher of, and maker of a sacred geometry intelligent energy device, the Angelic Merkaba. Creator of ‘Merkaba Energetic Dowsing’, a new dowsing device and process which uses an Angelic Merkaba to clear and raise the vibrational level of homes and land. Speaker and writer about dowsing and earth healing.


Deb’s Presentation: ‘Merkaba Energetic Dowsing’- a New Space Clearing Dowsing Process

Sacred geometry is an ancient science which uses geometric shapes to produce an energetic field. This field can affect and enhance the energetic field of people, homes and land, opening up higher vibrational states of sacred space and positive transformation. Angelic Merkabas are intelligent energy sacred geometry tools, which are a part of a new dowsing process called Merkaba Energetic Dowsing.

Merkaba Energetic Dowsing is a divinely inspired dowsing process which helps to clear and raise the vibrational level of homes and land, as well as bring in higher vibration positive energies into the cleared space. This process can complement and enhance other dowsing protocols, or it can be used as a stand-alone powerful dowsing and space clearing process.

This talk will teach you how to use the Merkaba Energetic Dowsing tool and process for home and land clearing. Plus you will learn how to use this tool to help create your own sacred space. Deb will also introduce her process of Galactic Earth Healing, which is helping in raising into ascension consciousness for humanity and Mother Earth.                               email:


Post Conference Workshop: Galactic Earth Healing

Galactic Earth Healing is important for accelerating our ascension process. Through the use of dowsing tools, Angelic Merkaba sacred geometry, proper intent, intuition and your energy field, learn techniques to be a conduit for anchoring in higher galactic ascension energies into Mother Earth. Learn proper protocols for working with nature spirits and the spirit of the land. Explore your potential gift of becoming an earth steward for Gaia.

Starwalker has been taught Galactic Earth Healing and ascension knowledge from divine interdimensional beings of light. She will share her amazing and unique adventures of being called to sacred sites to awaken ascension codes for Gaia and humanity. Hear how the Schuman Resonance has been tied to galactic earth healing activations.


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