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Jason Quitt Conference Speaker October 16 2021

  Fellow Questers, Last Saturday we had a fantastic Entering a New Paradigm presentation with Jason Quitt, . He spoke extensively on the multidimensional nature of reality, providing many anchors in history to ground this information into our energetic bodies. What if there are doorways and portals into other dimensional experiences throughout our planet? […]

Zoom Conference October 16 2021 10:00 AM

Jason Quitt   Fellow Questers, This Saturday at 10 am PST you are invited to join the next presentation of the Canadian Society of Questers’ 2021 fall conference Entering a New Paradigm with interdimensional time traveler Jason Quitt. We are indeed Entering a New Paradigm on planet Earth at this time, as demonstrated by the […]

Questers Conference Zoom Link Richard McIver

  If you’re having trouble viewing this email, you can see it online. Fellow Questers, What a fascinating presentation on Conceptology, amoung other things, CSQ treasurer Richard Mciver treated us to last Thursday! Prepare to look at the world and your experiences of it very differently after digesting Richard’s talk. Anybody wanna change the world? […]

Susan Collins Geopathic Stress

Fix Geopathic Stress on Aug 22 How is your stress? Geopathic Stress (literally “Earth Suffering“) can create personal and professional problems. Dowsing can hep identify the sources of Geopathic Stress and find remedies to reduce or eliminate the impacts. Details and video below. See below for a bonus video on Geopathic Stress and the Dowsing […]

Vernon Questers YouTube Video Jeane Manning

  Dear Questers, If you missed Jeane Manning last month, or if you would like to hear her again to better understand the new emergent energy sources, go to to watch free online. Feel free to share this link with other inquisitive minds. Learn about the connection between Consciousness and technology, and so much more! Thank […]

Build a Bridge Susan Collins

Plus Life Card workshop on Jan 24 (Early bird by Jan 10) Get a BRIDGE wholesale The truth is, I’m overstocked on my best-selling book and I’m offering it at the wholesale rate! Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing A practical guide to using dowsing to bring balance to your life. Everything you need to […]

Sound Essence by Evelyn Mulders

The Essence of Sound by Evelyn Mulders   Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing for the Meridians, Chakras, Auric Fields, and Figure Eight Energies.   Evelyn Mulders has been part of Questers for twenty years and using Kinesiology in Healing in a variety of modalities. She did a Zoom presentation in 2020 for The Canadian […]

Susan Collins Christmas Message

Plus Life Cards on sale Happy Holidays, May you experience love, health and happiness now and in all ways The Life Card Oracle System Sunday Jan 24 10 am – 1 pm Pacific; 1-4pm Eastern; 6-9pm UK Identify patterns in your life. Resolve your issues. Create the future. Life Cards will guide you in a […]

Jeane Manning Conference Zoom Speaker October 27 7:00 PM

2020 Clear Vision Fall Conference Tuesday October 27th   7pm pst Jeane Manning – New Energy   Jeane Manning Jeane Manning is a BC-based author who chose an unusual quest—find out what ‘free energy’ breakthroughs mean for our future. Thirty-some years ago she approached the new energy inventions with skepticism. Their implications for cleaning up […]