Doug Gray – Keynote Speaker Fall 2019

Doug GrayWhite Eagle extends his paddle inviting you to come with him on a journey of the heart.  Walk the ancient paths of our ancestors and discover the meaning of our connectedness to the earth, to the stars and to who we are. Journey with us to your place of balance, increased awareness and awakening. Come with an open heart and an open mind. Chi Miigwetch

Doug (White Eagle) is a spiritual counselor, consultant, dowser, international speaker, seasoned storyteller, and shamanic teacher of the Sacred Medicine. Born in Atlantic Canada of Mkmaq mother, Doug reconnected with his native roots while serving as an Anglican Minister in Canada’s north. He was mentored by a traditional native elder, (Mushum), who introduced him to embracing his First Nations heritage.

Doug presents regularly to the American, Canadian and British Societies of Dowsers, all of which have honoured him and his wife Fran (Turtle Mother) with lifetime memberships.  Doug has been performing drumming circles with the American Dowsing Society in Florida for the last decade. As well for many years Doug has taught students at the American Society of Internal Arts about spiritual inner balance. He has also presented to the international association of facilitators and presents frequently to teachers’ organizations, community groups and elementary, secondary and university students.

In 2010 Doug and his wife traveled throughout Asia performing healing ceremonies to bring balance to the earth. In 2018 Doug was featured in director Lana Marconi’s award-winning documentary film Orenda and accompanying book. While traveling throughout Ireland and the South of France in 2019 Doug performed a multitude of workshops, including workshops in Dublin at the Irish Dowsers Society, Galway at the Dr. David Hawking’s Centre and ceremony at a chateau in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (the birth place of Nostradamus).

Doug’s experiential journey is best summed up through his writings of poetry and verse based on Canadian culture and his life’s experience on walking the Sacred Medicine Wheel. Doug is currently working on a book which will include many of his teachings.


Post Conference Workshop:

You are invited to walk the sacred medicine wheel and to learn the relevance and significance it has in your personal life. To start our journey, we will open the sacred blanket followed by the sacred smudge. The circle will also include drumming, singing and storytelling.

We will peer into the Shamans Medicine Bag to discover the healing tools used in traditional healing ceremonies. Come receive your native name and take your place in the circle. Come, hear the music of the circle, ever spinning life’s lessons tell.


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