Mike Doney

Mike Doney

Mike Doney was born in the Medford Oregon area about ninety years ago. He learned dowsing as a teen from family and friends. He could find wells as quickly as his teachers. It was natural for him. Family would ask him to dowse on homes they were looking to buy and Mike would always have the best advice as he could look into factors realtors did not have available.

He was a long time Conservation officer for the State of Oregon and he had an uncanny ability to locate animals and people.  He was able solve who the poachers were and tell them the errors of their ways.

In his biography he wrote about an acquaintance who knew of Mike’s “hunting instinct”. The man wanted to shoot a buck with the most antler points. Mike agreed to be his guide as long as the man followed Mike’s instructions.

Mike got out a map of Oregon and dowsed for permission to hunt this deer? He received permission. Then he asked in which county the deer was located? After a number of inquiries he dowsed Pendleton. After phoning the Pendleton Conservation office and acquiring a hunting license he arranged travel across the state.

There he got a county map and dowsed which area of the deer was located. With the man in the truck and rifles secured they drove to the state lands. The man asked where the deer was? Mike said on the other side of the hill and dowsed wind direction. Mike told the man they would come at the deer from the downwind side of the hill. Rounding the hill Mike told the man to load his rifle. Within that minute both spotted a twenty-eight  point stag. The man froze. He could not take the shot. The animal was waiting to be shot knowing its time had come. Either the majesty of the animal was too much for the hunter or the accuracy of Mike’s dowsing amazed him. Mike took the shot, a clean kill. Mike also prepped the animal for transporting.

The trophy antlers were the largest ever shot in Oregon. The man could not accept them. He was still in shock. Mike found a suitable place for the stag’s head in a hunting lodge. Mike demonstrated a hunting technique which was earlier practiced by the First Nations. First and foremost is to ask permission from the spirit of the animal and make good use of what the animal provided.