David Meade – Speaker Fall 2019

David Meade – Speaker Fall 2019

David Meade

David has been dowsing for more than 15 years and a Quester for 10 years. He uses dowsing on a daily basis, in Healings, finding lost objects, minerals,  (oil and gas) and as a practitioner in Healing Touch.

In the past David has been a marketer and sales advisor in broadcasting and printing, he was an owner of an audio production company, he has volunteered at a hospital emergency ward, and also taught English as a second language to immigrants and new Canadians.

David has always had an interest in the divine and pursued it as a hobby. Currently, he is a residential property manager, a world traveler and an amateur student of the Bible.


David Meade’s Seminar Presentation: A New Approach to Forgiveness

This presentation and workshop on “Forgiveness” is designed to “release” those bitter, hate-filled, self-destructive, narratives we all carry around with us (usually in silence!). These resentments and fears, usually toward someone else, can be dealt with in a quick and effective manner.

This 1 hour (+ or -) session, designed for those who want to deal with their forgiveness issues, is in two parts:

Part 1: 10 to 20 minutes exploration and background;

Part 2: 40 minutes hands-on written exercise.

Your full attention for about an hour is necessary.

“There is Freedom in Forgiveness”


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