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Patrick MacManaway spoke to Questers in Harrison Hot Springs BC about 2008 and later at Olds College Alberta. In Harrison he taught beginner and intermediate dowsing. His presentation at the Executive Inn included slides of work he did in England regarding land clearing, stone circles and their energies. He was the past president of the British Society of Dowsers and afterwards moving to Burlington Vermont. European Union laws were making it for dowsers to work professionally as each society was required to have a board of accreditation and for dowsing it is difficult to lay down hard and fast rules. Other British dowsers moved to New England at that time including Ivan McBeth. Even after Brexit Patrick is still in Burlington.

Patrick in Harrison located through a realty company a piece of land that had not sold in over five years and asked permission of the land owners to do a group land clearing. The land he got permission to clear was about a half block of bare ground next to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. This piece of land had nearly sold many times but never did. There were unseen blocks. Land values next to the resort would be high but that did not seem to be the problem.

About forty Questers followed Patrick to the land. With our pendulums out Patrick asked us a series of questions: What is the nature of the block? Are there unusual energies? Ley-lines? Curses? Ghosts? Stigma from past ownership? We determined what was holding back the sale of the land. Patrick Then had us stand in a circle and asked us to spin our pendulums counter clockwise to break up and dissipate the negative energies. We did that for about five minutes until our pendulums stopped spinning. Then he asked us to spin our pendulums clockwise to bring energy into the land clearing away the past problems. He said a blessing prayer on the land while our pendulums spun. We waited in silence even minutes after the last pendulum stopped spinning and then we quietly dispersed.

The following September back at Harrison, Merlin Beltain checked on the status of the land. She told us the land had been sold a month after the clearing. I cannot remember the specifics of what we cleared. That is actually a good sign that we did remove the blocks and even the memory of the blocks was removed from our consciousnesses.

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  1. Barbara Avatar

    What I do remember about clearing that square of land Glen, is a fellow asked how far are we clearing? Patrick said we are only asking to clear this piece of land. Looking towards the lake, the fellow said well it is clearing down the valley, there it goes – it cleared all the way down the valley.