Ivan McBeth

Ivan McBeth


Ivan McBeth the unreformed Druid was fun to be around. He was like Haggrid a gentle giant, magical. He used dowsing to build stone circles around the world for earth healing. In a way he was doing geomancer work on a planetary scale.

In his 2005 book, “The Crystal Journey Apprenticed to the Earth” Ivan dug out crystals from a cave in Wales Great Britain and traveled to many points around the world planting those crystals. Wales is the land of dragons and he wrestled gems away from a dragon’s lair to set up an earth grid for the earth’s purposes. He traveled to Scotland, India and South Africa doing his work. He could feel ley lines and positioned crystals and twenty ton stone to work with the dragon lines.

The first time I met Ivan was at a Questers Fall Conference in Harrison Hot Springs about 2006. That was the conference where we travelled to the Othello Tunnels. Ivan was singing Songs of the Bards as we caravanned to the tunnels. The feeling was mystical. Ivan had to climb down to the Coquahalla River below the tunnels and feel the water and rocks in the river bed. Then he touched the granite walls of the tunnels. Dowsing for vortexes and portals in the tunnels we found many anomalies. It was fun. Merlin Beltain loved it.

Before passing last year he built his largest stone circle beside the Mississippi River. It was larger than Stone Henge and required massive cranes to set the Ashlars and Saracens upright. He explained it was composed of alternating limestone or yin-feminine stone and granite yang-masculine stone to balance the energies equally. The way he described the circle it was like a capacitor building up a charge and releasing it on solar and lunar cycles. Electricity is part of the capacitor’s job as it was also storing and releasing a magnetic charge, something not taught in school.

Last time I was with Ivan was a couple of springs ago at the Questers Spring Conference in Olds Alberta. He built a temporary, virtual, stone circle on the lawns of Olds College which blended with the purposes of the agricultural college and may have helped future students work with earth energies.

On the last day of that conference Sandy Mac in her break-out session taught how to use dowsing to recognize and release past life trauma affecting the present incarnation. We were in groups of three. One was the patient, the second asked questions of the patient and the third dowsed the answers. When Ivan was the patient I was the dowser. We asked when the past life trauma happened? It took a few minutes to discover Ivan’s trauma happened about 1000BC. Then we asked where the trauma happened and found it was in central Asia. Then we asked for his age when the trauma happened. He had been older than one hundred years. After a few more dowses the trauma was pegged at age 400. I then experienced one of those psychic moments which dowsing opens seeing Ivan as a Siberian shaman, a wise man many Siberians relied upon. I saw his wrongful murder by a former student similar to the murder of Pythagoras. At that moment Sandy told us to return to our seats for other instruction. I turned to Ivan and said, “You REALLY are a MASTER!”



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  1. Judith Avatar

    What a wonderful tribute to Ivan McBeth! I was at the Olds Conference and enjoyed his work with dragon energy. Blessings, Judith

  2. Barbara B Avatar
    Barbara B

    I too was at that conference in 2006, and had my first meeting with the gentle giant. I think i’ve had 2 powerful workshops with him. He really spurred on my understanding and ability for stone circles. He built a large circle for my friend, and when a stone refused to move, no matter what they tried, he went and conversed, and once the stone understood, it slid right along. a Big man in many ways. Thanks. Blessings from Barbara