Kirby Seid Questers Zoom Fall Conference Replay

  Fellow Questers, We had a fabulously informative evening with fall conference presenter  crystal expert Kirby Seid last night. Did you know that crystals have consciousness? That there are 7 octaves of crystal lattice structures? That crystals transmit and amplify the earth’s magnetic heartbeat? Have you ever seen Resonant Light refracting inside quartz? How about […]

The Crystal – Amethyst

                 An Amethyst Geode – Picture by Roger Joyeux Amethyst (pause, breath in a long slow breath) is often said to be a calming influence. Indeed so, yet I call it the calling card of the soul. Soothing – relaxing – peaceful – are other adjectives used to describe Amethyst. Amethyst is also said to […]