The Crystal – Amethyst


                 An Amethyst Geode – Picture by Roger Joyeux


Amethyst (pause, breath in a long slow breath) is often said to be a calming influence. Indeed so, yet I call it the calling card of the soul. Soothing – relaxing – peaceful – are other adjectives used to describe Amethyst. Amethyst is also said to be a stone to meditate with. So how does it work?

Well, it works with light, just like almost all the other crystals that contribute to the enlightenment of Earth. It is quartz with a purple ray. Quartz itself works with the full range of all light frequencies. Smokey Quartz, Citrine Quartz and Clear Quartz share the common trait of embracing all light frequencies on Earth, just as does Amethyst. While not in significant quantities, the full range of all light is significant because every frequency needed to bring Earth and its inhabitants to enlightenment can be obtained by using any variety of crystal with a quartz base, including Amethyst.

Amethyst’s colour gives it its specialization, which, because it works with the purple range of frequencies, involves the soul. The soul wants to work in harmony with its incarnate extensions on Earth – you and me. It wants to connect with us and send its light and energy.

Yet, the soul’s energies and light are extremely subtle. The soul often has difficulty coming into harmony with its incarnation because of the extreme turbulence and density of the person’s Earthly vibration. High and subtle and low and dense are not a happy marriage. Low and dense needs to rise up to join with high and subtle. The mind needs to be still.

Amethyst contributes to stilling the mind because of the way it works with the mind’s thought processes. Amethyst begins to overcome mental jumble by ordering thought. The random confusion of disorganized thought that flips from one subject to the next to the next is grouped into subjects with a common thread. Amethyst then helps the mind focus on one subject area and to push the others into the background. The process continues. Within the chosen subject, thoughts are ordered into a linear pattern. One thought follows the next, follows the next.

At this point, the influence of Amethyst slows the mind’s hurriedness causing it to dwell for a longer time with each thought. A thought begins and ends and the next thought begins and ends. Here is where Amethyst brings the mind into alignment with the Soul. As a given thought ends, the thought to follow does not immediately begin. A gap is created between thoughts. Call this the Divine Pause. Here is where serenity in the mind begins.

Serenity is the condition that allows the high and subtle soul to flow into the mind’s space. Amethyst helps to open the gap between thoughts to allow the mind to commune with the soul in the space of no-mind, no thought – in the state of blissful be-ing-ness unencumbered with distraction or movement. It brings the mind into serenity thus calling the soul to come.

So sitting with Amethyst in hand, let the quiet stillness that envelops be the serenity that beckons the soul.


Walk in peace.



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