Evelyn Rattray

Evelyn Rattray


I first heard of Evelyn Rattray in 2003 at Raymon Grace’s dowsing school at the Hansen property on Swan Lake in Vernon BC. Raymon and Evelyn had worked together on First Nation’s reserves across Canada to break through the multigenerational trauma caused by the residential school system. Through dowsing Raymon would identify key components of the trauma and Evelyn using native shamanism would reach inside the person and release the abuse.

Evelyn born in Telegraph Creek BC to a long line of native healers was able to avoid the worst of the residential school system hidden away in the bush by her parents and grandparents. She was taught in the native traditions but did not receive full training as her mother passed away early. Evelyn laments that she missed key aspects only her mother could have taught her. In spite of that she has done a lot of wonderful work.

Evelyn moved from Telegraph Creek to Salmon Arm BC to be nearer to Kelowna’s International Airport as she is constantly being called to do healing work worldwide.

She spoke at the 2017 Quester’s Fall Conference in the Prestige Inn in Salmon Arm about her work and the difficulties imposed on the First Nations. She had a question and answer session with a room full of Questers. What one sees in Evelyn is gentleness and humility. She is soft spoken and caring.

Looking at her eyes one sees her staring off into the distance as if her eyes are focused on infinity. It is as if she can see the time when the First Nations will reacquire its lost traditions and greatness. Breaking the trauma she may have brought that day closer.