Joey Korn

Joey Korn


Joey Korn in Issaquah Washington in May 2005 taught me how to use L-rods. As soon as he showed how to locate underground streams I got it. I have seen him three more times at Questers Conferences and each time he has brought something new to teach.

Flying from Augusta Georgia to the west coast he has brought books he has written and bought from elsewhere. He has the full set of Walter Russell’s treasures. Joan surprised me in Olds Alberta and bought me “The Universal One” (1925). He has sold a lot of the collapsible telescoping L-rods which cannot be purchased elsewhere.

He taught how to find non-beneficial energies and deflect them in 2005 but by 2010 he was using “praise and blessings prayers” to transmute the energy into something beneficial. On his website he lists the prayers that work. He also discovered energy grids based on the Tree of Life geometry that cover the globe on a variety of interlocking scales. He uses the Tree of Life grids to do distance healing. He has got to the point he sees the grids on Google Earth maps without having to draw them on paper maps. One of his slides shows inter-nesting grids and how work he did in one neighbourhood benefited other homes and neighbourhoods.

Joey saw that teaching new dowsers about non-beneficial geopathic stress and Cancer causing Hartmann and Curry Lines created belief systems which put people into fear. He saw energy as simply energy neither good nor bad. In changing his own attitude and seeing good in all things he was actually able to take fear out of his work. Everything was created perfect and remains perfect the way God made it.