Looking for a Dowser who identifies earth radiations

D Kurvers <dkurvers@gmail.com>To:

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Wed 10/4/2023 6:41 PM


Could you point me to someone who specializes in the dowsing / questing for earth radiation and health related matters on properties?

My father Luke Kurvers was a dowser / quester.  Perhaps you may have hear of him?  He lived on Little White Lake for many years outside of Pemberton and also in the Osoyoos BC.    He had a speciality in earth radiation.

That’s how I know what an important skill this is.  He’s no longer with us hence my reaching out to your organization!

Let me know if you can point me in the right direction….pun intended!








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  1. Aaron keyes Avatar

    Hello Dave
    You have inquired about a dower what do want to accomplish? Dowsing can be employed to do a very diverse number
    Objectives. This dowser has a long history performing a number more unusual requests.