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January Newsletter

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A Note From AprilHello Friends,
I want to thank you again for those of you who donated to my dance studio renovation! I put a video on the go fund me page but I’ve included the before and after below… this is also where Raymon’s classes are held in Abingdon so you can get a sneak peek. It’s pretty much finished, I have a few more things to do but the donations helped so much! I can’t even tell you how grateful I am! Speaking of classes….
The current 2024 schedule is below and dates will be added if these fill up. I will be organizing the registration so please read on if you plan on attending one.
We have three dates offered at this time. To help me stay organized and know who is coming to what class please email me at april@raymongracefoundation.org and make your subject line “Class- March” Or whichever month you are wanting to attend. I will then send you the information of how to register and the class overall information.
Have a wonderful day and cheers to a happy February.
April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace FoundationStudio Before/AfterA Note From RaymonHowdy Folks,There wasn’t enough time last year to answer all the mail. There probably won’t be this year either. Several of you wrote asking for help and I responded I would contact you when there was time to talk. By the end of the week, there were a few thousand emails and I had forgotten who had written asking for help. If I didn’t remember your name, then I couldn’t look for you. Wasn’t being rude, just overwhelmed.Here are some hints that will help you get a response from me.Include your name, location and phone number and a brief statement on how you hope I can help you.  An email like this,’ Heard about you from a friend, I need help ~~ Sue.’ THIS TYPE GETS DELETED.Don’t ask me to ‘heal a friend’ who isn’t asking for help. If they want help, they have ask for it and also have to watch at least one video to make sure they are comfortable with me. If you ask me if something can be done with dowsing~~~my answer will be ’TRY IT AND FIND OUT’With all the problems people are needing help with, have stopped looking for lost dogs, cats and critters and rescuing squirrels that fell out of trees. If you want to believe you pets died and went heaven, I won’t disagree with you~~~but don’t ask me to conduct the memorial service.Bottom line is, there are a lot of good people with serious problems and they have priority.. NOW!! Let’s get this year off to a good start. STOP RUNNING FROM THINGS THAT AIN’T CHASING YOU.You are writing me too many emails saying there are demons in your house and you have been cursed by a neighbor or relative. Maybe 1% of this is true. Let’s talk about this. Pay attention.While I don’t claim to be an authority on anything, I have a lot of practice on dealing with negative entities, ghost, spooks and other weird critters.  YES they do exist~~ but probably not in your house. There are exceptions~ so let’s talk about them. If you are a reasonably good person, not addicted to alcohol or drugs, and don’t watch weird ~sadistic movies. You probably have nothing to worry about However, if someone with these characteristics lives in your house ~~ OR in the adjoining apartment, you may have a problem.If you work in a hospital, jail, psych ward or inner city school, you probably need help. Energy can and does go through walls. In this case an exorcism may be needed.Curses do exist, but probably not from your in-laws~~ unless they came from a culture that practices such things.If your kids go to an inner city school, the chances are the place is full of spooks. Your kids deserve better than this. I created a video to help you help your kids. It is ‘Change Energy~ Change your Life’  available at www.raymograce.us as a download.The higher up the educational ladder you go, the more spooks you find. Colleges have far more than elementary school.I know this by working with parents whose kids are in college. YES I can clear the place ~~but it may be trashed again by next week. You can clear it with the video and not need me and save some money.BUT~`if you get in over your head, will help you if there is time.Will be offering classes again this year starting March 23 ~~24. People are already signing up. Hopefully can offer enough classes to accommodate all of you. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT THIS YEAR~` AND MAKE IT HAPPENI did a short interview with Ben from Portugal who just organized the Simple Living Reset-Summit. He brings together freedom fighter and energy healer. If you have missed out, you can get the whole replay below.-RaymonInterview with RaymonClass Calendar
March 23-24 – Abingdon, VAApril 6-7 – Abingdon, VAMay 18-19- Abingdon, VA

For information and to register email: april@raymongracefoundation.org** Subject should be Class – Month (ex. March) – whichever month you are interested in.Raymon Grace FoundationRaymon’s WebsiteComments From Our Friends Around The World
Ever since December 2-3 in Abingdon at the Empowerment workshop, I’ve experienced a number of things that have changed my life. One I’d like to mention today is an improved water supply. I have a well on my property and have experienced days of cloudy, slightly muddy water coming out of the taps. Usually it happens when there’s days and days of rain, but we had nearly 4 months in 2023 without rain. The streams that run through the property were slowing to a trickle.When I returned from your class, I decided to dowse for more rain. Then the thought came to me to dowse for the water level to rise from the Earth to supply my needs, and I gave thanks to all who were able to make that happen. The tap water cleared, there’s a nice flow of water from every spiget and the taste is smooth and pleasant.Then I remembered you have been working on everyone who signs up for class. Without the need to go further into detail, another unimaginable benefit is my fast, consistent healing from that shocking fall on December 2nd.  And I was able/willing to go back into that event and offer those feelings/pain/and embarrassment to be transmuted into love and compassion for myself. On the practical side of things, I can carry a gallon of water in each hand without pain!! now that’s a miracle!Life is so much easier and gratitude comes as soon as I awaken. Thank you for your work. With gratitude, Pat 
My brother has been in court for over 3 years concerning child abuse, even though we have proved it was the mother abusing my nephew, the judge just never seemed to liked my brother. I used your techniques the morning before court and for the first time ever the judge complimented him on how well my nephew is doing under his care and what a great job he is doing, and apologized for allowing it to drag on this long. My brother and my nephews lawyer were shocked at the change!
I am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY? Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS.Clinch Mountain HempThis is my friend Lori the Herbalist. www.appalachianteasandbotanicals.comHerbal Education, Retreats & Wellness Consultations in the Herbalist TraditionAppalachian Tea & Botanicals  
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