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Raymon will possibly be offering one more class this year in Abingdon, VA. I will be taking over the registration duties. The potential class is December 2-3. This will be the last class of the year until next spring. If interested please follow these directions
Email april@raymongracefoundation.org with the subject “DECEMBER CLASS”I will respond with the information and if we have enough interest the class will make. If not we will postpone to spring.For any personal sessions or general dowsing questions please continue to email Raymon at raymon@raymongrace.usI am working on a list of local hotels to send along to help with your travel plans.
Have a wonderful day!April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace FoundationRaymon’s WebsiteRaymon Grace Foundation A Note From Raymon Howdy Folks
 Am continually thinking of what to put in a newsletter that would inform, empower or entertain you. 
My friend Ale from Italy has visited here with a group of her people and we taught a class, with her translating for me. 
I was wondering how we could do this, because I would speak in English and she would translate to Italian. Logically, this would have take twice as long to teach the class ~~but it didn’t.
I programmed for us to say what was needed and be understood by the audience, in the allotted time. WE DID IT.
She has invited me to speak at her conference in Italy and we did it by Skype. Then she provided the audience with bottles of water for them to taste. After the audience tasted the water, I energized all the bottles of water and they tasted it again. It was MUCH BETTER.
Here is her email to me this week and thought you might find it useful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dear Raymon, we haven’t spoken in a while, and I wanted to tell you that I carry you in my heart and I thank you every day for existing. You have been one of the most important people in my life for my personal development. You broadened my mind, changed my thoughts and gave me back that power that we all have but which is stolen from us over time. I wanted to let you know what I managed to do with what you taught me. In August I had a kind of pimple on my nose and it turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. I immediately got to work creating a small protocol based on your method. here it is, maybe it can be useful to someone else, because by doing it every day the basal cell carcinoma has almost completely disappeared, and less than a month has passed!
1) Banish the spirit of basal cell carcinoma (cancer) from your body2) look for how many genes are involved in the appearance of basal cell carcinoma and deactivate them3) look for how many genes support and maintain basal cell carcinoma and deactivate them4) changes the frequencies of the basal cell carcinoma by tuning them to the frequency of the body’s healthy cells5) send love into the diseased cells of the body
6) I recently discovered this research, so you can also send this molecule in the cancer cells
Scientists have developed a pill that could eliminate all types of tumors. The new molecule – code-named AOH1996 – targets a protein found in most cancers that helps them grow and multiply in the body. And significant because this protein – proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) – was previously thought to be “uncontrollable.”The drug was tested in the laboratory on 70 different tumor cells, including those derived from breast, prostate, brain, ovarian, cervical, skin and lung cancer. And it was effective against all of them. The innovative pill is the culmination of 20 years of research and development by City of Hope Hospital in Los Angeles, one of America’s largest cancer centers.
that’s allI hope you are well and always alive and kicking! thank you so much, sending lots of love
Presidente Società Italiana di Radionica e Radiestesiawww.radionica.it
Ok folks, if you can use this ~~then do it. Please don’t write and ask me questions about it because this is all the information I have. 
Class CalendarNovember 4 – Tuscon Dowser Zoom Info belowNovember 11-12 – Abingdon, VA – FULLConsidering a December 2-3 Class if there is interest.Tucson Dowsers November Zoom MeetingPlease Join us!Saturday, November 4, 20231:30 PM PT Here is the Zoom Meeting Link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82722474993Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993with special guestMaster Dowser Raymon Grace”What Could You Do If You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t”Raymon Grace has been promoting dowsing with lectures, classes, books, newsletters, and films for over 25 years, and in 150 countries.  He managed this without a day of college, or a degree, and without a suit and tie. He has NO titles or letters after his name.  He is blunt and down to earth. His motto is ~~ THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR FREEDOM.Raymon will be answering questions you send in prior to the November meeting.Raymon’s guidelines for Questions:Please make your questions short, sensible, blunt and to the point.The questions must relate to dowsing and the use of the mind.No questions about Conspiracy Theories, Artificial Intelligence, Politics or problems with marrying the wrong person.Please email your questions to tucsondowsers@gmail.com Put “Questions for Raymon” in the subject line.Raymon’s FREE films are available on the Raymon Grace YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/@raymongrace7699 His books and the condensed version of his 2-day class on video are available at www.raymongrace.us

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Comments From Our Friends Around The WorldI received the best gift ever from the extra clearing you did for me on 9/27/23. Within about a day or so of receiving your note saying it was done, it felt like a dark cloud was lifted from my body and mind. The “sadness” that you referenced in your email was the perfect word for it. I was able to feel true joy and peace again  I have continued to feel that lightness, ease and joy and cannot thank you enough for this gift.  P.S. I do know you do our “monthly” clearings daily now and I know they are helping me and my husband so very much!!! I am forever grateful for all you do for us.
Hello from Greece!! I want to tell you how grateful I am and how much I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great work you do which creates miracles in our lives!! Αll these months that I’ve been on the monthly subscription, I’ve seen huge changes inside and outside of me.  T.
I am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY?Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKSClinch Mountain Hemp  Raymon Grace Foundation | 29501 North Fork River Road, Saltville, VA 24370