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FREE TALKRaymon has invited to be a speaker at International Dowsing Day May 5 at 3 PM Eastern time’There will be 4 speakers and each has 10 minutes.
The topic is ‘What you can do with dowsing’
There is no charge and no preregistration needed for people to attend. They just need to tune into the Facebook page at the 3 pm Eastern time.
**Please do not direct any questions about this to April… I have no connections.
 A Note From AprilHello Friends,I have a bit of class news. Previously we were holding the classes at my dance studio… which was fine. Except there is very little parking, low water pressure and mostly we just bought a new dance flooring that the high number of people and chairs is not agreeing with. We are moving all of the currently scheduled classes to the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. Still in town but has a huge parking lot, plenty of space and bathrooms…and elevators! So if the stairs were preventing you from attending in the past this new location is more accessible.
Please email me (not Raymon) for class information. See in the class calendar box below.
Happy Spring,April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation
A Note From RaymonPart Two:One question that always amazes me is when, after explaining some of the many uses of dowsing, a person will raise a hand and ask if they can use it to make money. There has been some idea that spirituality and prosperity cannot co-exist. This has been an effective way of controlling people for a long time. My return question is, “Has poverty ever solved any problems for you?” I encourage everyone attending class to use what they learn to get their money back for the class–at least 10 times over.Let me encourage you dowsing folk to do whatever you can to make living conditions better for yourselves, your family, friends and community.One friend used dowsing to clear the disagreeable people from her neighborhood. Another lady who was not a dowser used one of our DVDs to accomplish the same thing. Sure they interfered with the lives of others by their actions, but are living in a better neighborhood because of it. Apparently the criminal element and those of low consciousness cannot tolerate high energy areas. Now you have a choice. You can be ”politically correct” and tolerate assaults upon your family, country and way of life, or …you can use your mind and dowsing and do something about it. One thing seems certain; if you don’t do it, probably no one else will. This is why I wrote this article. What if you fear opposition? Well, don’t tell anyone. The good thing about dowsing is that you don’t leave any tracks. Oh sure, someone may suspect you did something, but they can’t prove it.Now for you bolder dowsers, and for you timid ones who want to be bolder: When you go to a restaurant, be sure to whip out your pendulum and raise the vibrations of the food and energize the water. The .45 caliber bullet pendulum I carry is especially good for this. This act will not only change the energy of the food, it may even help in converting some onlookers to the world of dowsing. Lacking that, it will leave more vacant chairs around you so you may dine in peace.Last week, coming out of the grocery store, I was stopped by a fellow asking me to sign a petition so someone could get on the ballot for U.S. Senate. I pulled my .45 bullet pendulum from my pocket and said, “Lets see what her integrity is.” No, he didn’t ask about dowsing. He commended me for wearing a gun to the grocery store. I told him I was just setting a good example and signed his petition.To date, my friends and I have produced three books, two CDs and seven DVDs which promote dowsing in one way or another. My informal studies have included shamanism, mind development and healing. Dowsing is the method which combines all of them very effectively.
Raymon Grace FoundationClass CalendarMay 18-19 – FULLJune 15-16 – FULLJuly 20-21August 17-18
All classes are held in Abingdon Virginia. Email April at for information. Include in the subject line “class month” that you are interested in.Comments From Our Friends From Around The World
Thank YOU! My two year old daughter has never been able to tolerate dairy products. I watched ‘Explaining the Dowsing Chart’ two days ago, implemented what I learned, and today I fed her multiple sources of dairy with no adverse reactions. Thank you, M.
I’ve learned a great deal from you over the years from your workshops/ videos teaching dowsing techniques .. I am also truly grateful for all the dowsing assistance/ intervention provided to me through the years. You have been an inspiration. Blessings to you & your family today & always…P.
Thank you Raymon for such a great class. Your no nonsense, no fluff and straight to the point teaching approach is exactly what I needed and a”breath of fresh air”!I will be Practicing, studying the material , and definitely be using as much information as I possible can from your teachings. Thanks Again! G.
Raymon’s WebsiteI am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY? Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS.Clinch Mountain HempMy friend Lori is trained as an herbalist and holistic health practitioner and would be well suited to helping with some of your concerns and offering help as needed.Herbal Education, Retreats & Wellness Consultations in the Herbalist TraditionAppalachian Tea and Botanicals  
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