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If you’re having trouble viewing this email, you can see it online.Fellow Questers, Many blessings to you all. We thoroughly enjoyed Tamara of sharing the basic elements of astrology at our Open Forum last week. In addition to the scientific overview of the elements of astrology, including the planets and the signs, Tamara offered us a sneak peak at upcoming social and earth changes. At Questers we have been anticipating great earthly and social order changes for over a decade. Tamara concurs that these changes are upon us. Our fall conference LawnChing Pad was ceremonially the launching pad into this new way of living on planet earth. Tamara resonated strongly with the fundamental elements of what Questers is and was both delighted and grateful to be able to share her area of expertise with us. I will paste below the final 2 pages of her power point to pinpoint specific dates to be aware of; and astrology is very specific in space and time yet ambiguous in how these energies will play out in our live and collectively. Tamara says we are like witnesses to events. Astrologers are not predicting the future; they witness it play out. If you are interested, you can look up what the influences are of specific planets, signs and transits to help you to anticipate and then witness the unfolding of very soon upcoming events. We will be posting Tamara’s entire power point in the members section of the website. Lastly, we decided to hold a final Open Forum for Questers on Dec 7th for this year. Being that we are embroiled in such strong sweeping energies, we felt another gathering is most appropriate. Please submit to what you would like discuss in December or what wo/man you would like to share information with us at that meeting. Please included contact information! Tamara says Christmas this year will be very different and non traditional. Get ready for it! And remember, all these changes are ushering something new and wonderous.

Jacquelyn Rose

Note: RX is retrograde.

Dates to Note for remainder of 2023:
Just came out of eclipses in Scorpio/Taurus: Nov 19, 2021, APR/MAY, OCT/NOV 2022 + Oct 28,
New eclipses in Aries/Libra: Apr 20, 2023, Oct. 14, 2023 – the next year and a half
Nov 4: Saturn Stations Direct in Pisces
Nov 13: New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 27: Full Moon in Gemini
Dec 6: Neptune Direct in Pisces
Dec 12: New Moon in Sagittarius
Dec 13 – Jan 2: Mercury retrograde in Capricorn to Sagittarius
Dec. 26: Full Moon in Cancer
Dec 30: Jupiter stations Direct in Taurus

Dates to Note for early 2024:

Jan 20: Pluto moves into Aquarius – the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (100 years)
Jan 27: Uranus stations Direct in Taurus
April 1-25: Mercury Rx in Aries
April 20: Jupiter Uranus conjunction at 22 Taurus
March 25: Lunar Eclipse in Libra
April 8: Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries (tied to April 20 and Oct 14)
May 2: Pluto RX
May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini.