Dowsing Is Learning How to Connect to The Higher Self

Dowsing is used to do many jobs including finding water, correct foods, lost items, and healings but the greatest job is connecting to the higher self.

There are many teachers leading people to Awakening to who they really are. Eckhart Tolle has thousands following him. He awakened while sitting on a park bench and has been guiding others to rise above the ego and mental processes. The path to the higher is difficult with many diversions.

G.I.Gurdjieff and P.D.Ouspensky set up “The Fourth Way” schools in Europe and America during their lifetimes and many subsequent schools have followed. The main message is to “see yourself.” For most people they never see themselves in a whole lifetime. Even if the higher self makes a concerted to break through the mental blocks and ego defenses the person ignores the divine intervention. When a teacher sets up a class in group sessions and exact guidance some of the students can awaken. The most important lesson in life is awakening to the higher self. Everything else is secondary.

Dowsing uses the physical body to bypass mental, emotional, ego, and lower astral psychic processes to find information that is unknown and useful. The most useful information is in the higher self. Only in the higher self can the purpose of life be found.