Raymon Grace December Newsletter

A Note From AprilHello Friends,
I was overwhelmed with the support for my studio expansion project! Thank you so much for everyone who donated! You will be receiving a personal thank you from me… it’s been a busy few weeks but I’ll be sitting down to work on that today. I was blown away by your generosity. Construction started last week and is rolling right along!
I hope you are all having a wonderful and joyous holiday season!
April GraceDirector of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation
A Note From Raymon
Howdy Folks,Are there any geologist out there that reads my newsletters? If so, would like to talk to you.Being a bricklayer and stone mason for 35 years, I got a lot of experience with rocks ~~but no information about them.
Have wondered about the various types of rock, all located close together. 
The rock with all the pebbles in it is now part of my house since I used a lot of rocks in building it. It, and other similar rocks were found at about 2500 ft. elevation on Clinch Mountain in Washington County, Virginia. 
The others contain sea shells and are in layers and found at about 1700 ft elevation within 100 yards of the North Fork Holston River. All are on my property. 
One day found a rock and broke it open to find a starfish in it. I live over 300 miles from the ocean. Obviously the earth has changed a lot over the years. 
If any of you have information to share, feel free to write me   raymon@raymongrace.us  
Class CalendarWe hope to have classes for 2024 listed in our January newsletter. Class dates will likely start back in late April or May.In the meantime check out Raymon’s products on his website and free videos on his YouTube channel.Raymon’s YouTubeRaymon’s WebsiteComments From Our Friends Around The WorldHowdy Raymon, It is with heartfelt gratitude for your session with me, that I am able to say I am back to being me. I was in a very dark place emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. I have since regained my physical strength and energy, my finances are increasing from different sources daily and my mental thoughts remain positive verses negative. I cant thank you enough for all your dowsing training over the past 13 years, since using your protocols I have witnessed many amazing outcomes. “The Future is yours Do Something about it ” gives such hope for a wonderful future amidst our crazy world. Forever grateful for you and your work, Kari Murlowski, MN
As promised, I’m sending another update on my granddaughter after spending a week with her. She still wants to be held a lot but not nearly as much as before. At least my son and his wife can get more done without having to hold her constantly. My son said she went from terrible to terrific with a flip of a switch and I noticed a big shift in her behavior since I last saw her in August.- M.B.
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