Susan Collins Dowsing Boot Camps

Join me for LIVE, ONLINE personalized coaching Hey, ZS! Join me for LIVE, ONLINE Dowsing Boot Camps and Specialty Workshops Personal coaching on Sundays at times that work in North America and Europe Get your questions answered LIVE! FREE BONUS VIDEO BELOW: “Create Psychic Protection” Next Live Specialty Workshop Sunday Oct 25 (Early Bird price […]

Greg Webb Zoom Presentation October 6 2020 7:00 pm

2020 Clear Vision Fall Conference     Greg Webb Greg Webb, Registered Massage Therapist, in practice since 1992, is certified to instruct over 20 workshops in muscle monitoring sciences. Board member of Canadian Association of BioEnergetic wellness since 1998. Has taught at Kinesiology and Massage Association conferences in Canada and was keynote speaker at […]

Schedule for Questers Zoom Conference

  2020 Clear Vision 41st Annual CSQ Fall Conference Schedule   Saturday September 19th    10am pst        Hon. Paul Hellyer    Broader Reality Tuesday September 29th       7pm pst        Sahara Exodus          Dream a Better World Tuesday October 6th              7pm pst        Greg Webb                Muscle Monitoring Tuesday October 13th            7pm pst        Stephanie Banks      Times Are Changing […]

2020 Clear Vision Annual Questers Fall Conference

    2020 Clear Vision 41st Annual Questers Fall Conference   At the Annual AGM September 10 Jacqui Rose reported that only Paul Hellyer’s Zoom presentation has been set for Saturday September 19. The other presentations will be spaced once per week over the next seven weeks. One of the speakers has yet to reply […]

2020 Annual Questers Fall Conference

    2020 Clear Vision 41st Annual Questers Fall Conference             Starting September 19th 2020 and FREE for all members, CSQ presents a series of talks online from visionary leaders. Join now as a contributing member envisioning the future we all want to see!!   Hon. Paul Hellyer on […]

Spectacular Crop Circle

Robert Nichol would have loved this Crop Circle. Long time Quester he made the Crop Circle video Star Dreams 2006 which included the Catherine’s Wheel visit hours after it appeared.   Many of those shown in the formation would have their pendulums swinging. ZSL