Happy Solstice from Susan Collins

Workshop rentals ending, book bargains
Happy Solstice!

Today,as the light returns to the Northern Hemisphere and dims in the Southern, may you find and create balance, peace and joy in the world around you. It is an honour to be on the journey. Susan


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Workshop Rentals Ending

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Dowsing Mistakes I have Made

Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing

Survive and Thrive with Dowsing

How to Dowse a Water Well


Dowsing Boot Camp

Dowse for Feng Shui

Get Happy with Dowsing

The Life Cards Oracle System

Get Healthy with Dowsing

Dowse the Future

Orbs, Ghosts and Aliens

Soul Repair and Past Life Retrieval

Find and Fix Geopathic Stress

Video: How to Map Dowse with a Computer

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