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Print allIn new windowFall into balanceInboxSearch for all messages with label InboxRemove label Inbox from this conversationSusan via mailchimpapp.net Sat, Oct 7, 1:23 PM (2 days ago)to meThis is a good time to consider how we might find balance. Strength comes from being in our bodies. The physical is the platform to tune our mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic selves.
I’m currently focused on reverse aging and as unlikely as it sounds, I’m working on beating a world record for the one minute sprint on the rowing machine (for a woman my age, of course.) I’ve already matched last years record. Stay tuned! SusanI am honoured to be a virtual part of an event at the Shosen Grande bookstore in Tokyo celebrating a new book by Nobuo Kato of the Japan Dowsing Association. Event information here.
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