Qualities of Star People

Qualities of Star People

If you’re having trouble viewing this email, you can see it online.Fellow Questers,On the first Thursday of every month, CSQ hosts an open forum to share information on a variety of topics of interest to Questers. Last month, CSQ treasurer and volunteer Richard Mciver read to us all the qualities of Star People as detailed in Brad and Francie Steiger’s book, The Star People. My understanding is that the great shift in consciousness we are now undergoing is being supported by Star People embodied as men and women who have volunteered to be with us during this time.  Since I have no ability to make attachments to these emails, I will paste below information Richard recorded for us from the book. Probably each of us resonates with some of these qualities, as we did on last month’s zoom meeting. Most important is that we are not alone in supporting spiritually the qualities of the coming energy shift. I hope you will enjoy contemplation on this and thank you very much Richard for typing this up and for your willingness to share uplifting information with your fellow Questers.

Jacquelyn Rose  

                                          Star People Characteristics   These characteristics were thoroughly explained and documented quite well in Brad and Francie Steiger’s book, “The Star People”. Brad mentions that prior to writing the book, they had been travelling the country, gathering research and lecturing. He began to make acquaintance of men and women who claimed either to have strange memories of having come to this planet from ‘somewhere else’ or to have experienced an interaction with paranormal entities since their earliest childhood. He came to call them the Star People and found them both normal and attractive in appearance and seemed to be rather successfully integrated in contemporary society. Brad Steiger’s profile of the Star People contains the following elements. Few Star People on Earth have all of the characteristics, but all have at least several, to a third of the elements. Star People Characteristics include: Compelling eyes and personal charismaUnusual blood type (such as A-, B-, or AB-). AB- is the rarest blood type on the planet with approximately 1 out of every 10,000 has this rare type. It is also the type of blood found on the Shroud of Turin. It is purported that AB- was not in existence prior to that time.Lower than normal body temperatureExtra vertebrae, transitional vertebrae, fused vertebrae and lower back problemsExtra or “misplaced” ribsThrive on little sleep and do their best work at nightHypersensitivity (or feel more sensitive) to electricity, electromagnetic force-fields (may also be termed “environmentally sensitive”)Unusually sharp (or above “normal”) hearing and eyes very sensitive (or above “normal” sensitivity) to light (or sunlight)Seem to have been “reborn” in cycles– for example, 1934-38,1944-48,1954-58, and so on (Actually, the majority of Volunteers who have come to Earth have been born within a year or two of particularly “intense” times. In fact, the largest number of Volunteers to ever take Earth embodiment occurred right after the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. This happened because of the concern on higher worlds (observed from Lightships) that the next generation could possibly destroy this planet, so it was decided that the Volunteers were to come “en mass” into Earth embodiment, thus the “baby boomer generation appeared,” to make sure, once and for all, that never again would this planet be allowed to be destroyed.)Feel that their (Earth biological) mother and father are not their real parentsFeel a great urgency (or strange “restlessness” of feeling like they have been in a type of “holding pattern” for too long), a short time to complete an important goal or “special mission”of some kindLower than normal blood pressureChronic (or “semi-chronic”) sinusitis (also known as “irritation in the nose or nasal passages”)Feel or sense that their true ancestors came from another (much more beautiful, peaceful and sane) world, another (Higher) dimension, another level of consciousness, and they yearn (Or long) for their true place of origin, or their real home “beyond the stars”Had unseen companions as a childNatural (or “above normal” or “unusual”) abilities in specialized areas, such as art music, mathematics, healing, acting, natural sciences, etc.Experience a buzzing or a clicking sound or a high-pitched mechanical whine in the ears prior to, or during, some psychic event or warning of dangerHad a dramatic or unusual experience around the age of five (or six years of age or at least sometime before the person’s early teens) which often took the form of a white light and/or a visitation by human-appearing beings who gave information and comfortHave since maintained a continuing contact with beings which they consider to be angels, masters, elves, spiritual teachers or openly declared UFO intelligences (that is, who are benevolent in nature, other than the “greys”, and have not been abducted—only contacted to help guide, inspire, uplift, empower, etc.)Had a serious accident, illness, or traumatic experience around the age of eleven or twelve (or early teens) which encouraged them to turn inwardTheir artwork, dreams, or fantasies often involve an alien,multi-moon (and/or multi-dimensional, inter-) planetary environmentChildren and animals are attracted to themMay have “mystic crosses”,”mystic eyes.” or “mystic stars” on their palmsHave unusual abilities, considered paranormal by their peers and family, (for example, such as being very psychic, doing channelling, and/or involved in psychic/spiritual healing and psychic-surgery, telekinesis, etc.)Experience a strong attraction to quartz crystal and natural gemstonesHave flying dreams or out-of-body experiencesThe ability to take on the role of an empath (extreme compassion and feelings for what the other person or animal is going through)Have a strong affinity to past eras of Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt, King Arthur & Camelot and other ancient or “mythical” times of history, when contact with multidimensional beings was conducted on a more open basis by the entities themselvesHave recently received the message or inner feeling that “Now is the time!”(James Beal a former NASA engineer, and Dr. Norman Cooperman, a psychotherapist from Miami, are currently researching this subject.) This is the end of the NASA Star People list from Brad Steiger’s work, but Michael Ellegion would add 4 more characteristics: Have experienced at least one or more “close calls” or “life-threatening situations” through the years, in which one should have been either killed or at least severely injured, but instead was protected from it or should have died from either a severe sickness or disease but fully and quickly recovered, and have felt that they were “being watched over and somehow Divinely Protected” time and time again.Have often experienced through the years, while glancing at a digital clock or watch, that the time, coincidently, just happened to be at “11:11” when they did soFeel that they are one of the “144,000” (My note: Long ago when nobody on Earth continued to carry the God vibration, a decision moment came, when those of the Higher Realms, were deciding whether to destroy Earth or not, Sanat Kumara, from Venus, agreed to come here with 144,000 Volunteers, to reinsert the God vibration on Earth and assist Earthlings to be able to raise their vibration enough, to carry the God vibration.)Feel like they they are “A Stranger In A Strange Land”. This was the title of a very famous science-fiction classic by Robert Heilein which accurately describes what Volunteers intensely feel while here in 3-D Earth embodiment. Of course, reality is so much stranger than fiction, but truth has often been presented in so-called fictional form. Another specific category of Volunteer, is that of the “Walk-in”. “Walk-in” souls come from more advanced worlds of the Confederation and they are more evolved, and have greater wisdom and inner knowledge. They can either replace the existing soul in the body or share it with the existing soul. The extraterrestrial “Walk-ins” through this “Cosmic Lease Program,” are then are able to get on with their individual and collective Missions for the Upliftment, Transformation and Liberation of this planet, much more quickly than beginning from scratch in a baby body. Many of the above characteristics “suddenly” appear after the soul mergence occurs. Many of these “Walk-ins” remember being members of Higher Galactic Councils (as part of the Federation of Light) and of planning to come into Earth embodiment. They specifically remember that the Higher density physical extraterrestrial body that they inhabited in those Higher dimensions was definitely human-appearing and usually more beautiful and perfect, as compared to their present Earth bodies that they walked into. All Volunteers make agreements to fulfill a Mission (even signed a covenant), and are given promises, on the Higher Worlds prior to embodiment. Theses promises include protection from danger, so that the Volunteers can fulfill their Missions. The Intergalactic Confederation agrees to Divinely Intervene and save them from any threats to their survival, whether those threats are accidental or intentional. This aspect of personal “Divine Protection”is important to know for those individuals who feel deep inside, or suspect, they are one of these Volunteer souls on a mission to Earth. They can rest assured they automatically have this protection as their “Cosmic Back-up Team” has been agreed upon prior to physical embodiment. It is important that all the Volunteers Awaken so they can fulfill their Missions, and the Collective Mission, to transform and free this planet, from the control and manipulation of the dark forces and energies(whether astral, economic, or political) that have been operating on Earth for many ages. At this time, the Earth is truly in “Cosmic Escrow.” The control of the Earth is about to totally change ownership and no matter what the imbalanced energies attempt to do to stop this, it will happen, for this is God’s Divine Will that this be so. It is only a matter of how long it will take before the total cleansing is complete.   It is Divinely Decreed that the Volunteers are protected and that they have Divine Authority and Blessings of the Higher Councils to challenge, expose, and ultimately transmute all forms of injustice, corruption, disinformation, and suffering, no matter where it comes from. These Light Workers are dedicated, courageous, and noble beings who have come on strategic Missions to uplift this planet (which is, literally, the most difficult and dangerous planet in the entire Universe) and to help Mother Earth experience the Ascension as it moves quickly into the Golden Age. 

             Passages taken from: “Prepare For The Landings”                                        
“Are You Ready?” 

                                    by Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light